Already have implants diagnosed with high grade DCIS

I was diagnosed with a high grade DCIS in one breast last week with an area of calcification. I’m due to have an MRI of both breasts tomorrow. I already have 540cc implants and have very little natural tissue. I used to be 32AA and after having my old PIP implants replaced 3 years ago I am now 32F (just look in proportion now as I’m pair shaped). My natural tissue is about only 5mm.


The consultant wants to remove both implants and the bad area plus treat with radiotherapy. I have been advised that there are no options for implant replacement post radiotherapy and I can’t have fat transfer aas the fat can show as calcification on future scans.


I am 40 and after having implants for 20 years do not want to be left with flappy spaniel ear boobs. I have asked about the option of a mastectomy and reconstruction but been told that I don’t need it. (My cancer doesn’t warrant it). I also have psychological issues associated with my breasts as I am a victim of sexual abuse. I cannot bare the think about looking in the mirror and seeing a reflection of the 16 year old girl. 



I was wondering if there are any other ladies that have been treated having already having implants and if anyone can recommend a consultant preferably on the NHS or privately.


Thank you

Hi implantsalready

I’m sorry you haven’t receieved a response yet. If you’ve still got questions you’d like to discuss I recommend contacting our helpline. Details can be found here:<wbr>pport/support-you/someone-talk/call-our-support-li<wbr>…</wbr></wbr>

They will be able to talk you through any questions you might have.


I have also just had high grade DCIS diagnosed and have implants from cosmetic surgery. I have found Joanna Franks extremely helpful  and thorough she is available in the NHS - UCH or privately at The Wellington NW8 - she is on holiday now for a couple of weeks but worth waiting for. Good luck.

Wanted you to know now implants have been removed and had a WLE they redid the mamogram and now have found more clacifications  that were not apparent with implants in - it seems the implant compresses the breast tissue and now that it’s gone it’s now easier to see what is going on…


So glad they double checked this on the DCIS side and have now found more calcification and also I requested they double check the other side where they were certain there as no DCIS. They today found a small spot of calcification there (the breast they thought was clear) that needs and have just had a needle biopsy on this…