Alternative Treatment

Hi.  I was diagnosed May 2013 with Mets to both lungs (5mm and 4mm are the largest)  Also in my 5th rib.  Finished chemo and on tamaxfon. Had no surgery apart from they took out my ovaries 31.12.13. (aged 46).  I am also throwing a lot of other things at the cancer.  I am seeing a herbalist and have about 20 different herbs a day along with 35 different supplements.  Also have the IP6 and essaic tea, apricot kernels, flax seed with cottage cheese etc etc.  I’m sure you’ve heard of it all.  No sugar and jucing alot.  Am I wasting my time and money?  If all these things can prolong an extra year then its worth it.  I am going to an event in Bristol in June - back2health conference.  Are other people mixing conventional and alternative treatment.  I heard a doctor say its like I’m blowing out the candles on cake when the house is already on fire.  When I met my herbalist after 3 sessions of chemo - I had sores in my mouth and feeling not well.  After she got me on a programme I never had any more sores and I worked throughout my chemo and cycled to work.  Also went to Greece - against doctors orders and danced everynight with my 13 year daughter.  In the September - 2 weeks after my 6th session of chemo I had a party at my house for 70 people to celebate my 25th wedding anniversary.  I don’t think I could have done all this without the supplements and herbs.  My herbalist isn’t claiming to cure - just keep in remission longer.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  

I run everything past my onc first I take co enzyme q10 b vitamins fish oil and a multi vit ,I also drink dandelion leaf tea which is supposed to be beneficial to breast cancer ,also occasionally juice beetroot carrot and apple with a dash of lemon x

I totally agree
I drink green tea take supplements anything ive heard or seen that has some properties to fight cancer.
As long as none of it affects ur treatment
Its gonna do nothing or good and the chances are good.
I also see a refelexologist as well.
And gigli good for you happiness and a focused positive mind helps and its seems you did not let this disease bring you down and you done what you wanted to do let me know how u all get on . Xx