Alternative Treatment

My recovery has been slow, or maybe I am being impatient. Has anyone been advised or taken alternative treatment to speed up recovery.

I am suffering from nerve damage, phebitis and tissue scarring from mastectomy.


Dear Sari

I think it is just a question of being patient. How long ago was your mastectomy? It took months for my reconstruction wound to heal, but it eventually did and looks great now, and scars are not very obvious. Have you suffered specific nerve damage that you know of, or is it that strange numbness that many of us get when we’ve had lymph nodes removed? This can improve vastly after a time - I started to get feeling back after a few months.

Hope everything goes well for you. Take care.

I took voltarol for phlebitis. It took about six months before my veins didn’t look lumpy and a year or so later people who took blood samples said my veins were difficult to use as they’d been hardened. I didn’t have mastectomy so can’t comment on that, my partial mastectomy hurt at the time but improved after a while

I don’t get any pain now from it