Altitude and lymhodoema

Am lucky to have not really suffered from lymphodoema, following a mastectomy and lymph node removal nearly 7 years ago. Would love to do some seriously high level walking - something like Killimanjaro. However have heard that lymphodoema can be brought on by being at high altitude. Would be really helpful to hear from anyone who’s got experience of that kind of altitude

Hi there… also wanting to know the same for similar reasons.

Oncologist was vague, literature I’ve read is mixed. Theoretically, it would be an issue. I’ve got mostly mild lymphoedema…soetimes is worse. Concluded that I won’t let it stop me from doing anything but I’ll take precautions…ie wear a heavy duty sleeve and be careful with what I do with the arm.

Anyone else had advice on this?

Sorry can’t help with the lymphodema…but can say that climbing Kilimanjaro was the greatest experience…go for it!

I have the opposite problem. I wondered if lymphodoema can be brought on scuba diving? I wondered about pressure and cold water!