Am having reconstruction then Radiotherapy no wait - Help

I am very worried that I am having a mastectomy and then reconstruction (I have posted another topic about how worried I am) followed by radiotherapy. My surgeon has not mentioned the effect of radio on my reconstruction with implant and I keep reading posts that other surgeons say reconstruction has to wait. Has anyone had a LD reconstruction followed by radio with no probs.
I am so confused.

Hi Sue

you dont say whether you have a permanant implant or an expander implant that is due to be replaced, I had a LD recon in feb 07 and have had 17 rads so far with no problems at all to the implant, it still feels the same as it did before I started at this stage, I still have 8 more to go…it it is an expander it will be replaced anyway after treatment has been finshed I have been told it can be replaced from Feb 08 onwards, the only problem I have experienced is itchy skin…

they try to give you a lower dose over a longer period so it doesnt affect the implant too much so even though mine is being replaced they have still used this technique

hope this helps


Thanks so much for your replu Lucy.
I am having a permanent implant not an expander so I hope my consultant got it right! But he did do a fab reconstruction at Guildford.
I hope that your treatment continues smoothly.
Take care and thanks again
Sue xxx

Hi Sue,
Who did your reconstruction? Dr Laidlaw did mine at Frimley Park and it was a permanent one. I had t done on 31st July and am starting rads at Guildford in a couple of weeks