Am i a bit strange??

I got my appointment today for the breast clinic 3rd June …3 weeks today.

I noticed on the screen when it was being booked that my G.P has put me down for routine check??? and that the appointment lasts for only 6 minutes!!!
so does that mean i will be prodded and poked and then another appointment will be made? Its at James cook hospital by the way.

But have absolutely convinced myself that it is nothing and that its just a bloody inconvenience that i want to get out of the way asap.
The thing is i am not feeling scared if they do say its cancer. I feel like i could handle it fine…is that a bit strange?? Its like i have this inner peace in me, and that i sort of have a gut feeling that i have cancer but another feeling that there is no way i have cancer because it doesn’t even feel like a real lump!

i think i might be cracking up lol!

Hi Hayley,
Three weeks sounds like a long time to have this ‘bloody inconvenience’ niggling at the back of your mind. Hang on to the likelihood it’s just calcifications or ‘normal’ lumpiness - as it is with many, & lots of ‘have I got breast cancer?’ posters here - and keep busy. Though I would certainly call the doc or at least the nurse who made the appointment to query the ‘six minutes’. If you haven’t yet had a mammogram I suppose they could shuffle you through in that time - if you have had one then it sounds a bit odd.

In the meantime, I wouldn’t recommend reading too much either here or elsewhere - it’ll needlessly raise the blood pressure. Absolutely no point in attempting self-diagnosis on the basis of other people’s symptoms. Keep the inner peace and keep laughing.

Best wishes, best of luck, M-L

Hi Hayley

I don’t know how your unit works, whether it’s a one stop clinic??? But I saw my consultant for about 5 mins the first time, then I had another appointment for the mammo & scan, then a further one for first core bx, then another one for follow up appt, then a 2nd set of cores before finally a dx of Br Ca was given. In all that was about 4 months from seeing my GP to dx!

I have to admit that my way of coping with all of my appointments from day one until my now current post treatment status, has been to think positively that I am fine. As far as I am concerned I do not have cancer… it worked for me! I realise though that not everyone can cope in this way and it takes all sorts… I personally found that if I just concentrated on my life and doing the things I enjoyed I could forget about my lump and all the consequences of that! I felt/still feel that life is to short and that it may end any day of the week (should that ‘bus’ decide to greet me in the middle of the street!) therefore my life is for living and enjoying to an extent. I am still of this thought and my philospy continues to be ‘throw at me what you like in life and I’ll bounce it right back’.

I guess if I were to describe how I felt then, it would have been very much how you have described… ‘i sort of have a gut feeling that i have cancer but another feeling that there is no way i have cancer because it doesn’t even feel like a real lump’ - though I hasten to add my lump was grabbable under the skin - it definitely was a lump.

So no I don’t think you are strange, it’s just your way of coping :slight_smile:

Good luck for your appointment.
Lynn x

Thanks for your posts, i think the worst thing for me is that i am also about to have an operation for endometriosis so i am nervous about that and i just can’t believe i have two different things to cope with at the same time, plus the pressure of a large family and i am coming to the end of my college course and have loose ends to tie up before i can sit back and relax.

The other thing is that i start Uni in september, i am training to be a nurse and i just feel like i am in limbo. I keep going on about going to uni but in the back of my mind i keep thinking i might not get there this year if it is breast cancer! It’s like i can’t secure my future whilst i know nothing!

Oh and emelle i haven’t had a mammogram or anything yet, just a quick feel of the lump by my g.p on two occasions where she said it had grown slightly. Maybe its just an appointment for the dr to have a feel and decide what the next course of action is.

Lynn - did you get any sort of sore aching in your breast? or a sensation in your nipple like it was leaking but was dry? i seem to get like that. The pain isn’t really bad or constant but my left breast just feels wrong if you know what i mean.


I hope you get the all clear when you go to the clinic. As you say this sort of thing can be a major inconvenience.

Don’t lose sight of yuor start date for Uni - I found a lump in January - had WLE and lymph node sampling and lab results showed it was a grade 1 tumour 16mm, no lymph nodes involved. My surgery was 25th January, I did not require chemo and started rads a course of 29 rads in March.

I came back to work 14 days post-op, had a week of later on to get some intense physio and then arranged my rads for late afternoon so that I could work til about 2.30ish . I had my last rads session on 29th April and I started working full time again on 30th April. Obviously I have had a much easier time than some (and I think the fact that I did not need chemo was a major factor in that) but it just goes to show that a dx of cancer does not necessarily mean you have to put your entire life on hold for a year.

But … we are talking here as if you have had it confirmed … chances are you will be given the all clear. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.