Am I allowed to ask about sex?

How do people cope?

I mean, lymph arm, chemo ruined veins arm, sore breasts, gammy nails, numb fingers? But still…

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I would just like to add something to this which might or might not help anyone. I am 56 and going through the menopause anyway.  Just had MX with lymph node removal 6 days ago.  All these treatments will take their toll I am sure BUT I just wanted to say that for those of you who were NOT menopausal before you started.  I am sure this is the biggest cause of lack of libido - TOTALLY. We always had an active sex life, we got together a bit later in life than some and it was always fantastic.  Since the menopause, my libido is on a scale of 1 - 10 a big fat zero.  Everything dries up literally.  Its not that i dont love him cos I do, its just the lack of hormones that does it.  I went on HRT for this and my lack of sleep, and my inability to cope with any stress, it cured that, but gave me severe indigestion, lack of appetite etc, SO I only stayed on it a year.  I decided I could cope better with no sleep than having this permanently.  Came off in Dec, Breast Cancer in Feb - a link??? who knows?? My cancer is oestrogen fed so who knows.  I would encourage any friends in the future not to go on HRT. Maybe natural sleeping tablets and a mild sedative would have been a better course to follow.

I have an extremely loving partner of 10 years, he couldnt be better.  He has seen my boob from day one, has helped me dress, has cuddled me when I cry he is fantastic and says he doesnt care what I look like I am the same beautiful woman he met and loves and always will be. - I am very lucky - Val