am i being impatient???

hi ladies i had a u.s last friday was told by radioligist that she was sure the doc would want me to have a biopsy as there is two lumps in my breast i only thought i had one.i still havent heard anything how long have people had to wait for needle biospy?? i am beginning to think they cant be that worried as it will be a week tomorrow since u.s but dont want to think to positive just to be knocked down if it is bc or if it is normal to have to wait a week or sadly they are just very busy in bc clinic. wot do you guys think am i just excepting to much to quickly?? xx

hello bb. it is normal to sit in the waiting room , but you could give the breast unit a ring and see if they have an appointment date for you. your not impatient… just concerned xx my breast unit has a one stop clinic , so all my tests were carried out on the same day. then its back to waiting , give them a ring they wont mind x

Hi again bbt,
Gosh, you’re head must be all over the place and I understand where you are now. I’m not sure how long you should be waiting, but if you really are agonising over everything and going slowly insane, give the helpline on here a ring, or ring your GP or speak to your BCN if you have one yet?

Time really does seem to stand still and the wait is excrutiating.

Sorry I can’t really answer your question, but don’t think you’re expecting too much too soon, it’s your body and you need to know what is going on for your own sanity, or at least have some indication as to when things will move for you, next steps etc - if it was me I would keep yourself at the forefront of their minds, just to make sure I hadn’t dropped off the list, but unfortunately they will be busy in the bc clinics.

Sending a hug
Bev x

We normally biopsy it there and then or at least on the day if we see something even if it’s something benign looking. Or if not we would give you an appt before you leave so you know when your getting it done. It’s horrible waiting for things but I think you have every right to find out what’s happening so call up the unit and find out when it’s happening.



When I was recalled back to the screening clinic after a my first national screening mammo. I was told I’d have 3 tests; another mammo of the area they were looking at; a clinical exam & US. (The One-stop shop)

After this was completed I was also told I’d need a biopsy as the 3 tests didn’t establish one way or other if looking at something suspicious or not.The appointment book came out & I left to come back 2 days later for the biopsy. Had to wait 2 weeks for the results but I’m surprised you haven’t received your biopsy appointment.

I’d be on the phone to chase. Mainly because when I was referred for radiotherapy after my surgery I didn’t receive the appointment & when I chased fopund I had been missed!

Call them & check it out. Until biopsy results come through you can’t move on hopefully with good news.

Take care

first of all, big sympathy for being here and not knowing what on earth is going on. Its such a shock to here that your little bump needs more investigating and then not to have a definate date for the next stage must be sending you crazy. Even when you have a date for the the biopsy or the test result it can be a nightmare waiting, but to be in limbo like you land must be worse.

I realy would get back to the unit to see if your appointment has been fixed, mistakes do happen, I have read posts on here where women were waiting for chemo and got lost in the system, and more or less had to book their own appointments

you need to know the date. even if it is furthur in the future than you hoped you need to have it. There are all sorts of timetable standards nowadays, i am sure the helpline know what they are. And they would tell you the best way of chasing it.

this is a great forum you have found, any advice you need on what to do next should be forthcoming whenever you need to ask a question, or just sympathy when you need to tell someone how you feel. its not always easy to be totally honest with freinds and family because you feel the need to keep a brave face. here you can let it all hang out.

Its thursday today. try and get something moving tomorrow otherwise you have a whole weekend where nothing will be happening for you

thank you really confused radioligist said im sure dr j will want them biopsied they even reasured me that they numb the areas so it wouldnt hurt me and they would do biospy with another u.s told me to take care and off i went home she also said it will need to be done with in the week.ive rang hospital twice now last time being this morning the docs receptionist said your notes are with him now so you will hear very shortly that was this morning about 930 still nothing. if he doesnt agree they need looking at then fine great!!but wish they would let me no as radiologist seemed so certain he would want biospy

The waiting and wondering is absolutely horrible. My advice would be to speak to your GP tomorrow and tell them just how much upset this is causing you. They may then be able to chase it up and get answers for you. If you don’t you then have to wait til Monday to find anything out and that weekend can feel like a lifetime. Good luck. Hope you get somewhere tomorrow. x

just to say they are right about the biopsies not hurting. I have a huge huge phobia about proceedures and they took two core biopsies and apart from the phsycological problem I had with the whole metal in my body bit, I can tell you that it was completely painless. I asked them to fire the gun in the air so i could hear what it sounded like and that helped me, but if its the pain you are worried about–no problem there is none.

OMG the biopsy is not that bad, I love U OAL, but i don’t think it neccesary to have the gun shot in the air,my procedure was very calm and pain free once the local ani was put in, please don’t be over concern.
take care


I had the “gun shots” before each sample was taken. I wasn’t asked but but the Dr Radiologist did as the noise if not expecting it can make you jump (not a good idea even though you are locked into the mammo machine). No pain I wasn’t allowed to look either although I did sneak a peak.

Quite bruised after but not too bad.

I had 5 samples taken from the dodgey area as no lump just calcifications. Waited 2 weeks for results “inconclusive” so onto surgery as recommended. Glad I did as calcifications & surrounding area turned out to be a 2.3cm area of DCIS.

Take care

hi girls just to let u no i got my biopsy appointment today yay!!! about time hey.its on weds afternoon core biopsy.thanks for all the advice and support will let u no how it goes xxx

glad you got it sorted BBT… good luck with your appt xxx

What the others have said. Good luck with it. The local anaesthetic going in is the worst bit, and nowhere near as painful as a dental anaesthetic. The actual biopsy doesn’t hurt at all as long as they shove lots of anaesthetic in, and if it does hurt a bit, squeak and ask for more anaesthetic!

Hi bbt, just to wish you good luck for weds. I had the vacuum biopsy and it didn’t hurt, I was offered more anaesthetic at any time by the lovely biologist and had two radiographers holding my hand too. You’ll be fine flower, lots of lovexx

Sorry, predictive text strikes again! Radiologist not biologist!

hi girls got my core biopsy tomorrow read online that u shouldnt where deodrant 2 biopsy is that right??? :)xxx

Hi bbt,
Not sure on the deodorant, I went to my initial consultation appt not knowing I would have mammo, u/s and biopsy same day, so I guess I was wearing deodorant at the time.

If you’re unsure, I guess you could go without.

Good luck for tomorrow and hope everything goes ok for you.

Bev x

it doesnt make a difference if you have deoderant on as they clean your skin prior to biopsy anyway… so just put it on… it will be fine.

good luck


brill thank you for reply was dreading not wearing it lol :slight_smile: xx