am i being offered the best treatment?

Hi all

I am on a standard course of 6 x EC (just epi and cyclophosfamide) without the F bit as my onc when I asked him seemed to suggest the F part of it wasn’t as useful as the EC. Anyone had this explained any better? Plus, after reading about people having FEC and then TAX, I asked him about this as I am also her2+ and er+ and had one sentinel node involved by 6mm, grade 2 lump. When I asked onc why i hadn’t been offered Tax, he said it was because I only was moderate risk and the EC was seen to be better for someone in my situation. But after reading all the threads and reading about how good tax is for her2 women, and how expensive it is, i am worrying that i was not offered it due to funding issues rather than whether it was the best choice of treatment for my cancer. I really want to know I am getting the best treatment for my condition. Is there anyone else out there with same results as me but on tax?? I feel I will need to push it with him further if there are. Thanks for much for any advice.

Carrie x

To be honest mate I couldnt tell you. I think all our treatments are designed specifically for us and there isnt a ‘standard’ of which chemo is used if that makes sense. I think your onc will be giving you the best treatment that is designed specifically for you.
All our bodies are different, all our poxy cells are different…i think the major thing is that the treatment all gives us the end result that we all want…a bit more time if that makes sense. I was stage 3 with 5/25 nodes involved…i had e-cmf, rads and now tamoxifen. I wasnt her2+ but was er and pr+. Just go with the flow and trust in your onc its the only thing we can do chick. Hope that helps. If you are worried though, nothing wrong with asking the question.

Dear Carrie

If you feel it would help to talk things through with someone on our helpline please feel free to call, it’s open again in the morning from 9am-5pm on 0808 800 6000. The helpliners are specialist nurses and can help you to better understand your treatment.

Best wishes

Hi Carrie,

I don’t know the answer to your question, but can tell you that I have my chemo prior to surgery, and was given 4 x EC followed by 4 x palitaxel (type of Taxol) and even after just one dose of EC my 5cm lump shrunk to half. After just 3 doses it had shrunk so much the onc couldn’t find it. So it’s still a very effective treatment. Also, my HER2 status still hasn’t been confirmed, so not sure if this has an effect on the drugs offered?? I was dx wih grade 3 aggressive, er/pr neg.
As Buttons said, I’m sure you are getting whats right for you.

Take care