Am I being ripped off! - advice required

hi ladies.

i know this has nothing to do with BC but i need a bit of advise, I took my car in to the garage in nov 09 as the clutch had gone. Man in garage said it was the hydrolic in the clutch and it cost me £235.00

On monday the car packs in again and towed to garage and he tells me its the starter motor. They replace the starter motor on monday at £146.00 and tell me the dual mass fly wheel is on the way out and said best to get rid of car but gave it about4 months. Anyway on wednesday the car was making a really bad noise so i took it back to the garage and they said its nothing to do with thm. Spoke to my bro who said its a common problem on mondeos so just get it fixed as its low mileage. So back to the garage and ask them to change the Dual mass fly wheel which initially they quote £500.00 but then say the clutch will need replacing. I told them they replaced the clutch in nov and i felt i’m being ripped off because from it will last 4 to 6 months the fly wheel is shattered and so is the clutch.

Anyway i’m still without a car and now today i they tell me that the compression has gone in the car and it just wont start. When i dropped the car off it was moving but noisey now the bloke at the garage was getting a bit shirty and defensive saying I DONT KNOW WHATS WRONG WITH IT!. He tells me hes going to take it to ford but i’ve done some googling about compressors and it doesnt sound good.

I want to know what me legal rights are with the garage and what do i do.

I know its only a car and can be replaced but i feel so sick with stress and anxiety because i’m lost without a car and also i;ve been taken for a mugg

any advice will be useful

Is it a very old car?

Sorry should have mentioned
its a ford mondeo 03 reg 2.0 ghia 130 bhp

ring up your local Trading Standards dept on Monday they will give free legal advice and are usally very helpful. I’de give that garage a wide berth!

Hi Sukes, Just read your post. Might be able to help. My other half had the same problem with his Mondeo’s dual mass fly wheel. He replaced it with a solid fly wheel bought on e bay. Worked fine after that. Definitely a common problem on Mondeos…according to him - I know sweet F A about cars!

thanks for responding.

still haven’t got my car back yet 6 days later !


Hey sukes
Can’t help you on the car front I’m afraid (I’m the girl who needs to buy cars from garages that offer colour choice only!!!) Am responding though as it’s you and wanted to say hi and pass on a cyber hug. Hope the buggers get your car back soon. You don’t deserve this stress.
Take care hun
((( )))) xxxxxxx