Am I being stupid about this lymph node?

Am I being stupid about this lymph node?

Am I being stupid about this lymph node? I had my lumpectomy and auxillary clearance last June and finished chemo and rads just before Christmas. Following my surgery in June I found a lump in the armpit of the one that had had the surgery. Of course this really freaked me out - my lymph nodes were unaffected and I was scared they had left one which was affected. They did an ultrasound and said there were actually two lymph nodes left in there - they took biopsies and a week later pronounced they were fine.

I took little notice of this swollen lymph node during chemo and rads - other things to worry about but now in Feb this node is still palpable and actually quite uncomfotable - bit like a bruise. I saw my oncologist for my end of treatment checkup and she also felt this node. She was unconcerned because it had been tested and felt soft however she told me to go back to the surgeon to put my mind at rest - again!

I saw the surgeon yesterday, had another ultrasound, and it is the same lymph node which we can feel although it has shrunk a bit. He has now said we had best have it out because with it going up and down it is only going to cause me anxiety.

My husband thinks it should come out because it hurts and it goes up and down so much upsetting me. However I then discover that it involves a further general anesthestic and a day in hospital - apparently he is going to look at some scar tissue at the same time. Whilst I am more than happy to do this - falling off a log compared with what I have been through I have this feeling this morning that I may be making a fuss about nothing.

What do you think?


Hi Caroline,
Of course you are not making a fuss about nothing.
If I was you I would have done exactly the same.
A day in hospital and some soreness is small potatoes after what you have already gone through, as you’ve said “falling offa log” lol.
It will be in your mind every single day if you leave things as they are.
The worry of recurrence is’nt very far away for any of us, you don’t need to be worrying about these glands as well. Get rid…
Best wishes let us know how you are.
Linda xx

Im a get rid if possible person!! Weigh up how much less anxiety you will have and decide if its worth spending next few months/yrs anxious.Sounds like he will also tidy up your dog ear-that lumpy bit under armpit -l had it done and its made me feel lot more comfortable and bras no longer cut in so much-plus looks neater.
good luck whatever you decide-but your not making a fuss at all!
love sharonx

You are not making a fuss. I would not feel happy with a lump under my armpit and would want it out especially if he can also tidy up any extra dog ear bit you may or may not feel you have.
Ask the surgeons opinion but if itis still there, if it were me I would want it removed

node Caroline - I had a node come up on my affected side during chemo. I cant tell you how freaked I was ( I was node positive!). The onc put a needle in it and sent some cells off to pathology and it came back as (post surgical)inflamation. However, it took for ever to go down -and I twittered about it all the time . Generally if it’s going up and down and is soft it’s unlikely to be dodgy.Cancerous nodes usually grow in size and are firm, still it’s a difficult decision to make , so the very best of luck. Cherry