Am i goin mad

Hello im 28 in august and have suffered three miscarriges and to be honest my body feels abit neglected I have a lump above my nipple that tends to stand outwards when my period is due, its a weird lump that I can move and it gets squishy after my period,with all my hormones run ragged im back and foward with breast lumps (my boobs are lumpy) my doctor who is lovely has examined be twice now and has told me not to worry as the lump feels cystic and she can gaurentee this, well im still worrying, im fiddling with it, make my boob sore and scabby and to be honest it is making my tiny lump swollen. I am a worrier and I do tend to dwell on things and my boobs have been checked quite abit, my doc is back off holiday on the 21st where i have an appointment, plus im googling things and making mself worse! cany anyone help

Hi Laura

First of all I would advice that you stop googling stuff about breast lumps - there is way too much information on the web that will convince you that you in worst case scenario and you are just going to end up a gibbering wreck.

You have had a tough time of it and I am sorry to hear that you have suffered 3 miscarraiges - this alone will have thrown your hormones into a complete mess. Age is on your side, althought there are cases of very young ladies getting breast cancer it is no common at your age.

Your GP sounds good but perhaps you could ask to be referred to a breast clinic for further tests - if it is a cyst they will be able to aspirate it and the fluid they take out will be sent for testing. If nothing else this should set your mind at rest.

The fact that the lump is more prominent when your period is due is also a good sign - sounds like it is hormone linked.

Let us know how you are getting on and stay away from the google page.

Love Lilac

Do you think I should try and stop worrying I have been told im fine, i cant concentrate at work or anything x

i agree with lilacblushes,
express your worries to your GP and ask for a referal, if she/he refuses then go to another GP until you are refered to a breast clinic. or maybe a well woman clinic could refer you instead of your GP, its worth a try.
sorry about your miscarriages.

take care x

Hi Geordielolo,

Most lumps do tend to be beign but i would ask for referal. i had a small lump 13mmx7m and went to the docs about it. I’m 34 and she told me not to worry as its most propably a cist or a fybrodema, anyhow she was really good and sent me for a fast referal as i think they have standards and guidlines you have to work to. In my case it was breast cancer so i personally would adivse anyone with any suspisions to get it checked out.