Am i going mad it feels like i am

Hi i feel like i am going mad as since my breast cancer last year i am obsessed with my breast whixh the cancer was in and get tingling and it feels different think i am losing plot just waiting for my first mamagram bur not sure if its 12 months from when u was diagnoised or when u finished treatment i am hoping i will feel better when its done

Many thanks tink x

Hi tink

The easiest way to get an answer is to ring your breast care nurse or their service. They’ll be able to tell you when your mammogram is due. Mine was dated from diagnosis but it may vary from Trust to Trust.

Worrying about if everything is ok is very common and hard to handle. You’ve been through major trauma. Maybe reassurance from your bc nurse will help. I’m attaching a popular article about the future after cancer, posted years ago by a nurse here. Perhaps there is something in there to help reassure you. There is also a charity called Future Dreams that offers online support (in person if you’re in the London area), It stems from the difficulty some people have of either letting go of the trauma or having the confidence to move on.

You are wise to be vigilant about any changes and you’re not losing the plot but, unless you’ve been warned that a recurrence is a strong possibility owing to the nature and stage of your primary breast cancer, you should feel free to live a good life. Go live it! Xx