Am i mad to delay rads by two weeks to go on holiday?

I am exactly one month post surgery (WLE) for removal of 22mm tumour following 8 lots of chemo. I have the opportunity to go away for two weeks the last two weeks of June on holidays. :slight_smile:
I have my rads planning appointment next Thurs. Am i mad to delay the start of rad till the beginning of July? It will put me two months post op… :frowning:
Need a holiday but dont want it to be at the cost of a local recurrence!! HELP i dont know what to do! i would need to book flights this weekend. This would happen jubillee weekend when it will be impossible to get in touch with onco or breast nurse.

Hi Vic- i had surgery on 2nd april, been on tamoxifen since Jan, didn’t start my

rads till 5th june!! ( i didn’t have chemo)

so i would book your hols- my appointment for the planning was 6th may-

4 weeks before my Rad dates.

Hope my dates help- stay well