AM I NORMAL Hi everyone just a bit of advice please. Do people still get very tired only I dont know weather it is only me I seem to get about 4 good days loads of energy and then whak! it gone and I feel like crap. can being tired make you feel so bad? It is 9 weeks after treatment.
Sorry for being a pain.

Janet Hey Janet, you’re not a pain! Please don’t think that. We’re here to help one another.

As for the tiredness, I get it too. I finished chemo two months ago and will be starting Herceptin soon. Some days I feel fine. Full of energy. Other days I have to have a nap as I can hardly keep my eyes open. Being tired is awful as not only do you lack energy but you’re prey to all sorts of fears, fears which wouldn’t bother you if you were not so exhausted. Is it any wonder we feel down?

I’m sure you’ll get other replies to your post as there are usually threads here dealing with tiredness and those threads always get a lot of posts!


Thanks Sue Sometimes I dont know if is is due to stress the way I feel.

it takes time! Don’t want to alarm you…but they say it takes at least as long as the treatment for you to feel better…so if tx was for 8 months, don’t expect to feel any better for 8 months after that!

Some people feel very tired for along time after that…it can take years to feel energetic again.

Don’t be too hard on yourself…it is normal to feel tired for quite a long ime after finishing tx.

Well Janet I am 10 months post treatment and still tired! I am seeing Occ. Health tomorrow to discuss things as I find I get mentally exhausted at work. Take heart, it will go but you are such a short time out of treatment it would be a miracle if you were 100 percent OK. Don’t push yourself and don’t feel bad.

DAIRY FREE DIET/NOLVADEX D I am on Nolvadex D tamoxifen. However, I have just read an article which says Nolvadex D contains milk products in the form of lactose. I am following a dairy free diet and would like to hear what others following a dairy free diet think about this.

Thank you.

Me too Hi JanetS
I finished chemo, last nov.2005. and radiotheraphy in dec. I too have a few days a week where I feel fairly normal and then Wham the next few days are a bitch. My husband says I am too hard on myself, and should give myself more time. But I just want to feel normal.

But the further I get from chemo. I am starting to feel ‘normal’ but still get fed up when I get tired, and drive everyone nuts bitching about it.
I find I am better on sunny days, and get more energy. Rainy and windy days do not improve my moods.

Those are the days my sense of humour goes on holidays, wish i could go with it, Ah! well!

They tell me it will get eventually get better,. Nice to know I am not on my own.
take care

SunBee Hi sunbee thanks for your reply that is th trouble I do push myself to hard I think I just want things the way they were!
When you get exhausted do you get the shakes? I feel so weak with it at times. sorry to have a moan again. Love the photo on your profile Me and my hubby like to do a lot of walking also love the gym I think that is why it gets me down because my fitness level was quite high before all this.
Thanks JanetS

Hi Janet No I don’t get the shakes but sometimes I feel like my legs won’t hold me up! It takes everyone different ways. I like the gym too and used to go 3 times a week in my fit days pre BC. I have put on weight from not being able to exercise so much and that’s depressing as well as the fatigue! I saw the Occ. Health doc today and he agreed that it takes ages to recover and that I am not to have additional stressful work for the next 6 months at least, so good to know he’s on my side! (Sometimes it seems like everyone is on our side except ourselves and we beat ourselves up continually for not being superwomen!) Best wishes, Sue

The tiredness … is as difficult as the cancer. It seems never ending and is totally all-consuming.

Jeannie, I noted this too. A lot of tablets seem to contain animal products - the coating around some and I don’t know what the answer is.

Joy xxx

tiredness I’m sorry to tell you this but I finished my treatment 2 years ago and I still feel really tired at times, and it comes on very quickly. Some days are worse than others. I work full time but I find that if I take a day off in the middle of the week I don’t feel so tired. I’m a great believer in drinking loads of water, that gives me a boost,something I didn’t do before and for the shakes I usually have something sweet to eat. I have also put a stone on in weight and that doesn’t help I suppose.


re tamoxifen and lactose Read this for further information

Don’t worry I am 6 years on from my bc and i still get extremely tired. I have had to learn to pace myself and am still only able to work part time. (However, mine could be partly due to having a hysterectomy and therefore going through an early menopause).
Don’t beat yourself up about it. I just remind myself that all the treatments I’ve had have kept me alive and I thank God for that.