Am I Over-Reacting?

Hey Ladies, Sorry if this is tmi. 
I’ve read a few posts on here, & I’m posting because I’m unsure if I’m over-reacting? 
Some background… I’m 20 & have a history of cancer in my family (my great gran died of lung cancer, breast cancer. my mum had Ovarian & Breat Cancer). Not sure about my dad’s side. 
Basically, a few weeks ago I found something on my right breast - which I thought was a third nipple. (& made me feel like Chandler from friends) I kinda ignored it, but it’s changing. It had, almost blister residue on the top a week ago. & now, looks like a really really bad spot, with a hole in the middle, which started bleeding tonight & made the room spin. Also, my boobs are always sore - but they’ve been like that as long a I can remember. I’m constantly shaking & getting light headed. But the pain is getting uncomfortable / almost unbearable & throbbing-like.  
I don’t want to tell my mum, because I don’t know what to say & honestly think I’m Over-reacting. just need some reassurance. I tried to do a self-exam, but I’m a JJ & not sure what I’m looking for?! 

Does this sound like something worth worrying about. Or is my mind wandering? Any info would help. Thank You! x

Hello Bonnie,

Not tmi lol! We get good at discussing the nitty gritty! Yes, get it checked out.

Two years ago I ‘embarrassed myself’ at my GP with a similar thing. I had had itchy breasts and nipples for ages, then this ‘boil’ apppeared on my skin. Grew and grew and would not heal.

When I told me young female doctor she gave me a look as if i were being totally paranoid about the BC thing! I was mortified, but for soome reason warning bells were ringing! She gave me antibiotics and it cleared up, however just under two years later I was diagnosed with IDC.

Maybe this was an early warning missed? Who cares. Get it checked out and feel free to use my story to back up your concerns lol.

However I am going to finish on this. It IS probably nothing to worry about but that does not mean you ignore it. You need it checked out for your mental health!!

Take care Cx

Hi Bonnie

Welcome to the BCC forums, in addition to the valuable support and information you have here please do call our helpliners where you can talk your concerns over with one of our team, the lines are open 9-5 Mon-Fri and 9-2 Saturday on 0808 800 6000

Here’s a link to the BCC information for anyone concerned about breast cancer, you may find the ‘breast cancer in families’ and the ‘your breast you health’ publications of help at the moment:

Best wishes

Hi bonnie

I think it’s important to be breast aware and get any changes checked out so go to your go and get it checked… There’s no such thing as over reacting when it comes to breasts… But breast cancer is very unlikely when your twenty… But it’s always best to get it checked.

With reference to your family history as mum has had both breast and ovarian cancer… When you go to your gp you can request a referral to the genetic department for your risk of cancer to be assessed.

Mum can have a gene test is she wishes to find out if there is a gene in your family which can predispose to breast or ovarian cancer… Only 5% of breast cancers are genetic but where one person has a both breast and ovarian it can mean this is a bit more likely in your family.

Fingers crossed the breast Changes are nothing sinister.

Take care