Am I the only one who wants to carry on taking Arimidex after 10 years?

I have recently had my 10 yearly check up, and it was mentioned I am due to stop taking Arimidex in January next year. This scares me as I suppose I look at it like  it’s like my safety blanket. At 5 years I was told it was my choice as it wasn’t proven to be of benefit after that, I wanted to carry on, and am pleased I did as it has since been proven to be beneficial.

In layman’s terms they explained how Arimidex works, as a rogue cell being a key and Arimidex blocks up the key hole of the good cells to prevent the rogue cell getting in, that simple explanation convinces me to want to carry on taking it.

I think I’d be worried if I stopped it’s almost allowing it a free passage back in. My breast cancer was ER. I’d love to hear other’s opinions.

Congratulations on reaching the 10 year mark Fergie. I’m a complete newby compared with you - only on Anastrozole for 18 months, - but I certainly intend to do the 10 years, and beyond if allowed to. My SE’s are minor and tolerable so why wouldn’t I? I guess it’s down to the discussion with your oncologist as to whether the 10 years has given you enough protection or whether continuing would be of benefit. There is more research going on every year, as your post describes, so if you want to continue I hope you are allowed to. x