Amarox brand Letrozole

Anyone prescribed Amarox brand of Letrozole? I seem to manage reasonably okay on Accord but my latest prescription is Amarox which I havent heard of before. I noticed my side effects have all suddenly worsened, particularly the fatigue, and think it may well be down to this brand. Need to ask my GP to get me back on Accord!!!

Hi Fifi

i tolerate Accord fine…I was also on Accord brand of Tamoxifen…it is specified on my prescription and as such I have never been dispensed any other brand…ask your GP to put on your prescription… sorry you been having a bad time…hope it all works out formyou

I have been taking Amarox letrozole for thirteen months and am pleased to say that, so far, have not suffered any nasty side effects.   

I got changed to the Sun Brand - awful . Prescription now specifies ACCORD only - walking upstairs pain free  is now possible again 

So - do ask your GP. Mine was fine about being brand specific

I have just started Amarox after 3.5 years on other Letrozole brands, and within a few days my finger tips are terrible, weak, numb and tingling, a bit of knuckle clicking and feels weird trying to touch phone screen.

Which of your other side effects  have worsened? Has it settled down now?

This is random as I know you posted in January but I was just trying to fathom out why I can barely kneel now having been on Letrozole for 8 months and having been fine to begin with.  I have also been taking Amarox after first having Accord so I am switching back.  Fingers crossed thanks to this discussion I will not be walking in pain anymore and will be able to straighten my fingers!!!  Bone Mets pain seems insignificant considering what this brand of drug has done! 

Hope you have managed to get onto Accord.  Wishing you well.