Amyone having Zarzio injections?

I have had the 3 I was instructed to take and last night before I went to bed I had a back pain in lower back nothing too bad just thought I had over done it as I was feeling almsost 100% yesterday. Then at 3.19am I was aware a pain in my lower chest was keeping me awake and I couldn’t get comfortable sitting or propped up. Thought I was going to have to wake hubbie but remembered there were some parcetomel by the side of the bed. Within 30 mins I managed to get back to sleep. Still aware of a feeling of being strctched on a rack! I will ring the oncologist later but was wondering if anyone had anything similar?

Is this the injection in tummy that helps get your white blood count higher?

I have the Zarzio injections - but I have to have 1 a day for 5 days, 3 days after my chemo - I haven’t had any issues with them at - does everyone have varying amounts of this after treatment?

I had Zarzio for 7 days after the first chemo and didn’t have any side effects. But, I was already taking Piriton because I have allergic asthma so maybe that is why. The experiences some of you have had sound awful. You have my sympathy.



Hi everyone


I had severe back pain twice from the Zarzio injections over 6 chemo sessions. I was told that the pain comes form the over stimulation of the bone marrow and it is more likely to occur if your bloods are OK and the white blood count doesn’t really need any help but as they could not take bloods every day to check they used it as a precaution


I found that the pain lasted for a few hours each time and that pain killers eased it. I dealt with it by keeping in mind that for me it lasted no longer than 24 hours and that it was better than becoming neutropenic and ending up with an infection. My hot water bottle also became my best friend! It really helped with the lower back pain.


Good luck everyone - I am now just over two months past my last chemo session and feeling stronger every day



I’ve had 2 injections - yesterday and today - and I’m getting lots of aches and pains. On Tuesday when my bloods were done I was told they were perfect. Thinking of calling the unit tomorrow to see if I need to have them

Hi I am injecting with Zarzio the first few days i was fine but now I have started with lower back pain i was told to take my temperature first and if it’s reading on take paracetamol i started my first does of chemotherapy on the 23rd July