An Ode to Breasts

Well, it’s National Poetry Day and I have also just been to the hospital to agree my surgery date for a left mastectomy and full lymph node clearance.  It seems fitting to share with you a poem which I wrote back in 2009 which was published in a Forward Press Poetry collection.  Little did I know the twist ahead of me in the journey.  To all you ladies out there who are undergoing treatment, had treatment or about to start treatment. Let’s celebrate the journey of our breasts through our lives.  Thanks for the mammories. RIP bad booby. Has anyone else written a poem? Post it here for #nationalpoetryday

 If you are interested in getting a poem or poems published, here’s were I got mine published:    







That is really lovely xxx

Hi Mai, as part of the May chemo group I’ve followed everyone’s journey. I don’t think you’ve had a particularly easy journey, but your strength has shone through. Thank you for this mammory ode, made me howl! ?

You need a copy of the poems Maggies in Newcastle is publishing in November - Ode to a Titty! 

Wishing you all the very best for your mx and WLE. ???

Oh Mai that’s lovely - Jay x

Thanks for sharing!