Anastrazole and joint pain!



I was switched from Tamoxifen to Anastrozole in January.  


I am finding I am having problems with my joints (mainly my ankles) but knees now seem to be hurting too.  When I get up in the mornings that is the worse time or if I have been sitting for any length of time, (they are so so stiff and painful I can hardly walk) it does seem to be getting worse.  I am only just 50 and did consider myself very active.


I used to enjoy jogging but it is just too painful to do now.  I am still walking but some days it is very painful.


I also have the Zolodex implant injections (have had 3 now).  So not sure if that is making things worse or if it is the Anastrozole on it’s own.


Can anyone please give me some advice on what to do or would a different brand of Anastrazole help with the joint pain (currently I take Teva) or a different type of inhibitor?  I just feel like I’ve gone from a really active person to an old lady! Smiley Sad


I have been told that I am on this for the next 8 years!





Hello mysterymouse…like you I’m on anastroxole and joint pains have been getting worse and worse.Went to my doctor last week and he prescribed some ibuprofen gel, at the same time I started taking hemp oil that someone recommended, just 2 teaspoons a day.Well, don’t know if it’s the gel or hemp oil or both but within 2 days(!) I was walking and standing better.Say I’m the theatre for 2 hours on Saturday and could stand up and walk out easily afterwards…normally I’m bent over and hobbling.I hope it lasts as I feel so much better!