Anastrazole and Zoladex injections?



I had had a FSH blood test prior to starting Tamoxifen 2 years ago and apparently it showed I was post menopausal so after 2 years taking Tamixfen I was told it was the right thing to do to change to Anastrazol which I did 8 weeks ago.  However last week endured really bad pains and bleeding.


I have now been told that I am probably not post menopausal after all (can’t believe it)!  Probably peri -menopausal so now the plan is to continue with the Anastrazole tablets but also to have Zoladex injections once a month?  I did keep questioning before the switch over if I was definity post meno and was told I was! Does anyone else have this combination of drugs?


Obviously I am quite stressed out by it all as I had lymph node involvement too.


Am seeing gynacologist for check up this week so hopefully all will be ok. Smiley Happy 


Just wanted to know if this has happened to others and how do they find this Zoladex injection?


So am also confused re:- - I understand the reason why taking Anastraole plus Zoladex injections if you are peri- menopause but why then do some ladies take Tamoxifen plus Zoladex injections? I don’t understand that as previously I was only taxing Tamoxifen.


The more I find out the more confused I am getting???





Blooming heck not surprised you are stressed ,does seem a rather strange combination .If your ovaries are still working shouldn’t you be on Tamoxifen and Zoladex ??Write all your questions down and make sure you get answers .


I’m on letrozole and zoladex. The zoladex is an implant that goes into your stomach, every 4 weeks. Its not really painful at all, you just feel a slight scratch as you do with all injections. I’ve been given some numbing cream to put on the area about an hour before, which works really well. The nurse at my drs surgery does this for me, but I do have to order and collect the prescription first.

I don’t think that I’ve had any side effects from the drug but its hard to tell when I’m taking the letrozole as well. 

Hope this helps xx

Just bumping this post.


Anyone on Anastrazol and having the Zoladex injections in a similiar position to me?






Hi - not sure I’m adding much to this but I’m on Anastrozole & Zoladex injections. My cancer was 8/8 oestrogen positive & I hadn’t gone through the menopause so they needed to shut my ovaries down. It doesn’t really hurt just a bit sharp when it goes in. No one at my Drs surgery seems to know how many days over the 28 you can be I just get told have it as close as you can to the 28 but of course sometimes it might fall over holiday times such as Christmas so there must be some leeway. Do you know how many years you’ll have the injections for? I’ve been told 2. X