anastrazole - crampy legs at night

Hi started anastrazole in Jan have been taking it at tea time - get aches in knee joints and crampy aches in calf muscles at night. massage sometimes helps, obviously affects sleep. any tips? Am going to try taking in morning to see if activity reduces cramps/aches. x

Hello Bev.


Ever since starting Anastrazole last year, I had taken it in the morning.  I did get occasional excrutiating cramps during the night. As an experiment, I tried taking it at night time, to see if any general side effects reduced.  Bad move on my part as sleep was disturbed more than usual and I ended up with cramping legs every night. After about 3 nights, I gave it up as a bad idea!    So I am back to taking it in the morning. 


I also find I do not get cramps in my legs and body so much if I am consistent taking calcium supplements which contain magnesium, and am sufficiently hydrated. 


I can’t solely blame the anasty for all cramps and other symptoms as I have experienced most things before starting the tablets.  They just can make the usual menapausal symptoms more bleeding pronouced!!


Take care and hope you find something that works for you x

Hi Bev


It’s Emily here from Breast Cancer Care.


While you’re waiting for replies on here, I thought I’d let you know that some of our telephone volunteers have described having similar side effects on Anastrazole. If you’d like us to arrange for you to talk to one of them, feel free to give us a call on 0345 077 1893.


Wishing you all the best in the meantime.

Emily at Breast Cancer Care