Anastrazole for 5 yrs


Had my path results today - tumour and pre-cancerous tissue were ER+ so I have been put on Anastrazole for 5 years. The BCN gave me a leaflet about it - but does anyone have any info or experiences,good or bad, that would help me?

All info gratefully received

Hello Kaj,

You’ll find lots of information on here about Anastrozole, also known as Arimidex, if you look on the Hormonal treatment threads. Just remember that, as with all BC treatments, we are all individuals and react differently, so just because some people have side effects, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will too.

I was on Anastrozole for nearly five years and it didn’t treat me too badly, just a bit of stiffness in the joints which got much better when I started taking cod liver oil, glucosamine and chondroitin.

I hope that helps and that Anastrozole will treat you kindly and work well for you. Good luck! Angelfalls xx

Hi Kaj - have been on Anastrazole for nearly 5 years. The only side effect I have is waking up slightly damp (to put it nicely) in the night - no muscle aches etc so feel quite lucky. Hope all goes well for you and GOOD LUCK. We are survivors!!

Olivia - as you had an OK experience with anastrozole, can I ask you something: Did you take your tablet at any particular time of day?

I’m still trying to work out which is the best time for me to take it so it doesn’t disturb my sleep.

I’ve practised with different times and it seems to work best if I take it at 5pm (ie: I can sleep better).

Also very definitely nowhere near a cup of tea - I make sure it is at least an hour clear as someone on these forums months ago said her onc. advised that because she had been taking hers with tea, it wasn’t working - so not sure if that’s true, but I don’t want to risk it.

And I drink loads more water during the day (which I hate) and cut down on cups of tea (which I love).

It’s different for everyone, I know, but I realised also that I was waking up at night due to drinking a full glass of water with the Anastrazole at bed time - and needing to go to the loo. Then, 'cos I was woken up, I noticed the night sweats, then I couldn’t get back to sleep and blamed the medication. So, taking it at 5 seems to get me to sleep through - but it took a few months before this happened.

My feet are peeling and my eyes are sore - but I am still on Herceptin, so not sure I can blame the Anastrazole.


OMG - does the same apply for tamoxifen - that it doesn’t work if you take it with tea. I often take it with a mouthful of tea in a morning or if not about 2 mins after taking it i have a cup or two of tea x


Thanks for the comments. Is it ok to take it in the morning - my BCN just said take it at the same time each day - so Ive been taking it with my breakfast?

Hi Kaj, I’ve been on Arimidex/Anastrazole since June of last year, and it hasn’t been too bad for me, either. I’d say maybe the post-menopausal annoyances are just a little worse than they were, but then I am not 100% over the treatment I’ve had over the past year and a bit, either. I take mine with a swallow of water at bedtime, because I read that it works better for some people, at least, and I can usually remember to take it then.

I did think my joints were a little more achy for a while, but exercised as advised, and that seems to have settled. (I have to take ibuprofen and paracetamol for post surgery pain in any case.) Things like flushes and night waking are a bit worse than they were, but nothing like so bad as when I was going through menopause. It could be a LOT worse. I’ve lost my chemo weight and a bit more.

If you have more trouble than that, don’t suffer in silence; see the BCN or your GP. There are usually ways to help any side effects you find difficult.

I think whenever suits you is fine.

Hello-we just wanted to clarify a couple of clinical points raised in this thread.

It may help you to know there are no specific instructions for taking any of the oral hormone treatments such as anastrazole or tamoxifen.

Although it is suggested to take them with water and at a regular time each day, some people do find taking them at certain times of the day suits them best and this is fine.

Also there is no clinical evidence to suggest drinking tea will affect the effectiveness of anastrazole.

Best wishes

Nursing Team

Hi there, Just to say I took arimidex for years until late last year. I really never had any effects at all -apart from tipping me into oesteoporosis possibly.That said I sailed thru menopause before that with no effects either,so maybe I just didn’t have much oestrogen anyways! I don’t know.Then again my bc was 100% 8/8 ER+ I took mine in morning with milk or tea-never water.Good luck with yours wish you well.

Phew - good to know tea has no effects - thank u x

Jeniffer - I take it at bedtime and wake up about 3 times a night feeling hot - prefer to be hot during the night than day.

Thanks,olivia. I’ll maybe give it a try.