I have been taking anastrazole for 5 years since I had treatment.  I have not had any recurrence during that time.  Does anybody know if there is any evidence that continuing to take it can be beneficial?

Hello Lara,


I probably won’t help much with your specific question, however I also did not want to just bypass your query.  Perhaps you could also ask the question in the Nurses section and they may point you in the direction of more specific recent research.  Is there a  reason that  you are asking, for example that you have managed it well and want to continue, that it has been recommended that you continue or stop, that it has been hell on it and you want to stop etc?


I think the evidence for extended therapy with Tamoxifen or Tamoxifen and an Aromatase inhibitor like Anastrazole, for primary breast cancer, is more  available and clear cut than extended therapy with AI only.  If you are looking for evidence in terms of scientific study, then you can research yourself by typing in “evidence for extended use of Aromatase Inhibitors” or similar and you will get a number of results. Generally speaking, there was some evidence of improvement of disease free survival, reduced occurrence in the other breast as well as other results after 10 years. Other research has indicated that 7 years of therapy with an AI only may be sufficient and just as good as 10 years.  


However, whatever scientific research indicates, it is also about the individual and their specific circumstances.  It is a discussion best had with medical staff (preferably from Oncology as they should have the most up to date information), as well as taking into account your circumstances including risk profile… For example, grade and stage of original cancer,  degree of hormone sensitivity of the tumour, other  health issues, side effect issues, and quality of life issues.  


In my opinion, treatment is still rather like a lottery.  Continuing with it is about  weighing up the individual risks and benefits as well as taking into account scientific research and making an informed decision based on that.

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Hi Lara


I’ve only been on anastrozole for 6 months but I’m scheduled for 10 years of it. I was heavily node-positive so this is the reason. So there must be benefits for being on it longer - for some patients at least. Whether these outweigh the benefits of being free from AIs, which are known to adversely affect bone-density, I don’t know. Do you get to see an oncologist to sign you off The 5-year treatment? Would that not be the best source of information? Let us know what you find out please?