I’ve been on anastrazole for nearly 5 years now since my diagnosis and fortunately have had no side-effects, although I do have osteopaenia.  At my final consultation recently I asked about continuing it for another 5 years.  The doctor was very reluctant but he has consulted the oncologist so I’ve been told that if I wish I could continue for another 2 and a half years.  The letter said the benefits would only be slight but outweighed by the risk of osteoporosis and memory loss.  Has anybody else been in this situation as I’m now unsure what to do?


The Nice guidelines extended treatment to ten years in July 2018, as this was found to be more beneficial in reducing risk of recurrence. 

Dont know where they have a crystal ball to say it will cause memory loss, sounds very odd to me! 

Last year when I had my final hospital check up I was also told that the maximum time on Anastrazole is 5 years.  Previously I had spent 2 years on Tamoxifen so I queried it as would only have ‘cover’ for 7 years and not the 10 as originally told.  They then said I would have the option of switching back yo Tamoxifen for finsl 3 years.  I would not be keen on that option so when the time comes for me to stop I shall try hard to stay on to cover for 10 year period of hormone therapy.