Anastrozole - advice needed.

Help, I need to hear from users of anastrozole! My oncologist wrote me a prescription (I’ve only got to take it for 10 years) and listed the side effects: hot flushes, joint pain, muscle pain etc. Fine. I’ll see what happens. Then the pharmacist asked me if I’d had it before and when I said no, she warned me I might be sick the first few days. She said “a lot of ladies are” and seeing my horrified face, she added it’s a 50:50 chance. My oncology records are peppered with actions the oncology team have taken to deal with my obsessive fear of vomiting (which I’ve had since I was 5 - more than 60 years) and the oncologist didn’t mention it. Was she avoiding it so’s not to frighten me off? Has anyone here NOT been sick in the first few days? I’ll be brave and add has anyone here been sick with it? I just cant start it till I know the odds and work out how to deal with them, as we did with chemo. I know it sounds wimpy but a phobia isn’t easy to by-pass.

Hello Jaybro

I have taken anastrozole for 3 and a half years and have not had any nausea-it is a listed possible side effect not particularly common

I take mine without food but some users of the forum suggest taking it with food

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I also have had emetophobia (fear of vomiting) for many years. I was prescribed Anastrazole in February. Side effects have been minimal ( insomnia and difficulty losing 4lb gained over Xmas)

No nausea, no vomiting. Great relief.

I have now been advised to have Zoledronic acid infusions every 6m to protect my bones from effects of Anastrazole and guess what? Warned it might cause vomiting at time of infusion or just after! Really having to consider whether to consent in view of this. Family are keen for me to go ahead as the infusions have also been shown to reduce incidence if bone mets but because they don’t have emetophobia they don’t know how strong that fear can be.

This may not have been of much help but at least you know you are not alone.



Hi Jaybro,

Like you, I am a new member to the forum and decided to join because I couldn’t find much information on the forum about Anastrozole when I looked.  I really feel for you if you are phobic about vomiting and getting told that the treatment can cause this.  My doctor told me that taking it at night was the best way to avoid this.  I have not had any sickness at all. I did have a weird feeling for the first 5 to 7 days of taking it, like a mild hangover/car sick type of feeling and a bit of dizziness but then it wore off. I am being honest with you in the hope that it helps. I am finding it hard to come to terms with all this medication, as for all my 65 years I have tried to avoid doctors and tablets as much as possible! :wink: It has caught up with me now though, taking whatever they advise plus turmeric, glucosamine and omega oil, anything to get rid of the aches and pains.  Just remember they tell you the side effects, doesn’t mean you are going to get them and that they can’t be dealt with.  Good luck and best wishes to you. xx

I was never sick on the tablet but i was sweating like mad, i’m on it over 2 years now and it is getting easier, i had about 2 weeks of very bad sweating last month but it has settled down now and hopefully wont be back again.