Anastrozole Advice

Hi Ladies


It has been some time since I have been on the site. I have been on Anastrozole for 13 months and had been lucky not to have to many problems. I had always been on the Teva brand but last month they gave me a different brand. This is when my problems started my right arm and fingers were going numb, my fingers were cracking and generally my arm on right side took a little while to get going in the morning. I have now been back on the Teva brand for 2 weeks, does anyone know how long it would take for the other brand to get out of my systom?

Breast Clinic have given me to see the consultant on 20th April. To check me and possible change the tablets if they are still causing me a problem.

Just wanted to know of other people experience of other tablets and some advice please.

Hi, I have been on Arimidex for three and a half years but do have problems with joint pains especially in my hands and feet. I have tried other aromatose inhibitors but the pains are worse with them. The oncologist, as a last resort, tried me with Tamoxifen but after two weeks I had stomach pains and a bit if discharge. I was then sent for a pelvic scan, gynaecologist appointments, a further scan then finally a hysteroscopy. Fortunately all was well but the gynaecologist did say that he thinks the tamoxifen caused my symptoms. No am now back on Arimidex and putting up with pain! I have insisted on having Arimidex AstraZeneca (UK) as I don’t like to keep changing brands which seems to happen with the generic version of Anastrozol. Doctors don’t akways like to prescribe Arimidex as it is expensive. Sorry to ramble on but I hope this helps a little. Hope you find something to suit you soon. Take care.

Hi Angie…I have been taking Anastrozole for 2.5 years. Always had the TEVA brand until last summer when they gave me ACCORD…oh dear!!! Took them for 2 months woth horrendous side effects, and it took another 4 weeks approx to get back on an even keel. My pharmacy now orders in TEVA for me :). Hope that helps? x

Hi ladies, I have only been on anastrozole for 2 weeks and I  know it’s early days, but waiting for the dreaded side effects. I have accord and it seems that we need to keep on the best brand for us,  my doctor made a note on my script advising the pharmacist of the brand, but he was very flippant saying the smaller companies tend to go. I am going to call the manufacturer and ask their status. We have enough on our minds without worrying about our tablets keep changing. How many brands are there, wow. Lol xxxxxx

I’ve been on Anastrozole since Jan 2014 and have found the side effects challenging.  I started on Consilient brand then Teva then Accord which seems to suit me best.  I decided to do this having read about the differing side effects here. I stayed on each for two months to give it time to settle down. Difficult to get the pharmacy to take the brand differences seriously as they are all the same generic drug.  I would ask each time to make sure it was Accord but sometimes there was a special order needed which meant extra cost that the GP needed to agree to or sometimes they just got it wrong.  Getting the doctor to include the brand on the prescription seems to be the best solution plus a verbal reminder each time I request a repeat.


I’m frustrated by the lack of medical understanding there is about the impact of brands.  Thanks goodness for this site so I knew I wasn’t imagining things.


I’ve gone through tests for my joint pains and everything other than side effects has been ruled out.  I’m now considering going back to the oncologist and asking to try an alternative though I realise that alternatives too have their problems.  The oncologist was so casual about prescribing anastrozole and it’s felt like there’s little interest in helping other than from my GP who has been great.  One year down, four to go!

Hi all,
I have been on this medication for 6 months now and have had 3 different brands. The middle one Accord seemed to suit me best, with the last two months on TEVA being horrible after feeling i was being more energised I am only 2 days back on Accord and hoping to regain that feeling of being less fatigued / flushing etc !
I think as said before it is the best brand for your body.If the pharmacy will not give me the Accord brand i wll find a pharmacy that would be willung to do so.
Wishing you well x x LL

Hi angie 55 ., I have been anastrole teva brand then they changed my brand and I started having heavey ache in my left arm feeling sick and heartbeats racing. So iv had to stop ot untill cardio monitor results come bk. See if its my heart or the tablets thats effecting my heart its not the same for everyone we all react different to meds I know what your going through . Id see what your surgen said xx keep strong m.

The teva i took had the days of the week, the accord which my body prefers does not. I am now saving the.brand that suits me most to ensure the pharmacist knows i know !
good luck with finding your brand. The first brand i had was bright pink packaging, but dont know its name. LL

Hi girls,

can anyone tell me if they have tried the brand name ZENTIVA green box ?

how did you find them?

Thank you

im suffering with strong hip joint pains.

Agree I will only tske TEVA no side effects. ACCORD horrible.

I started taking it 3.5 weeks ago, so far dreadful hot flushes and sweats.  However having recently come off HRT  I was already suffering, this has seems to have made it worse, much worse!  Has anyone else suffered from loss of appetite and nausea when they eat?  Im finding it very difficult to eat at the moment, all I want to do is drink water.  Starting my rads on Wednesday and understand that’s going to make me even more dehydrated.

Hi Frankie, I have been on Arimidex/Anastrazole since December and was advised by my surgeon to take it at night in case nausea was an issue which I have done and luckily I have not experienced nausea.  I do have hot sweatssometimes but not as bad as the full blown ones I had on the change. I have osteoarthritis anyway so had bone pain but recently it has got worse.  I do know that tomato based sauces aggravate my arthritis and have read that some people react to dairy products so it might be worth monitoring diet if bone pain appears out of the blue.  Otherwise I am coping with the tablets  my current brand is made byStar Pharm and is repackaged by Servipharm.  I haven’t noticed if they have changed but will checkeach time from now onwards in case it does change.  I hope this helps and that the tablets don’t cause you any problems.