Anastrozole and hair loss

Hi All

I have been on Anastrozole now for about 3 - 4 weeks and today it was pointed out to me that i had a bald patch on the back of my head. I was mortified. I saw the photograph with the balding area. Is this from Anastrozole in such a short time? What can be done about it? if this goes on I’ll have to stop the tablets. Has anyone else experienced this? Then I thought it might be the serums I use. I have very curly hair and have been using serums and a mousse for decades. Is there a good product for breast cancer patients? All very scary stuff.

I am on a 5 year course of Letrozole. I have 2 years and 3 months to go and can’t wait to be done. At first it was hot flashes, hair loss and irritation. Then I had a period when I think I had a kind of break where my emotions were at the surface, extremely strong and negative. Now I’ve settled into slower hair loss and achy joints-especially in my hands and feet. Hands are worse and sometimes I can’t hold a pen or fork or spoon without pain. Still I’m going to finish because I’m afraid of recurrence and would blame myself it returns. The hair loss is hard. You could try a different aromatase inhibitor although side effects may be similar. That’s worth asking about.

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Hi Beth
How do you cope with all of this? How do you cope with the hair loss? Do you use anything like Minoxidil? I’m only a month in and am seriously wondering if I can stay the course. The benefit is only 2% as was pointed out at the oncology appointment. You are very brave and so is everyone who finishes. X

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I got my hair cut so it wouldn’t look so stringy. I have over all loss and not a totally bald spot. I swear I think I went through Letrozole induced psychosis but that has settled. For my hands I wrap them up in a microwaveable warm pack which feels fabulous. I think we are all brave and just getting through this in the best way we know how. We just keep moving forward and adjust as necessary. I’m trying to think of it as another experience to add to my on going education on this planet. I’m thinking maybe there is potential for interesting auto biographies from each of us.

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Hi. I think the 2% is for your own personal situation. I think a lot of maths is involved. I have a high risk of recurrence unfortunately, so it will be higher than a 2% benefit for me (I’m on letrazole)

Yes I’m getting a haircut soon but not sure it will resolve it as mine is a bald patch. You’re right, it is a step by step adjustment. I am just terrified that this hair will not grow back or just get worse and worse.
Our biographies will definitely be interesting, for sure!

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Thanks for explaining this, I hadn’t realised.

I’m 69 I wonder if it’s quite different if you’re younger?

Ive been using hair products from Watermans to keep hair healthy along with Tropic hair conditioner
Both seem to be doing their job and apart from now having curly hair when pre treatments it was straight no hair loss

Ohh thank you so much Curlywurly! I will def give these a go. Plus Watermans are in Wath on Dearne which is very near where a close friend of mine lives. How very odd that you are now a curly when before you were straight!! Thanks again, incredibly helpful! X