Anastrozole and hair thinning! Feedback please!

I know that a lot of us have varying side effects from our hormone drugs and I know Jill1998 has mentioned problems with hair thinning on tamoxifen. However my question is where is everyone losing it from and does it slow down? I’ve been taking Anastrozole by Accord (could be relevant as on some forums ladies say side effects can differ according to drug brand). My lovely thick hair has thinned quite a lot (25%) but it certain places. Like a chap…at sides of temples and behind ears! So I can cover it with my remaining hair. I didn’t do chemo but I’m very interested in hearing from others who also didn’t do chemo, are taking Anastrozole and whether hair loss is just in certain places or all over. I don’t want to stop this drug as so far I’ve not had any other side effects although just had a bone density scan so the results of that will dictate whether I swop to Tamoxifen. And that begs another question for the Tamoxifen takers…have you gained much weight? I haven’t gained at all on Anastrozole, in fact I’ve lost 5lbs, but wonder whether that’s because I no longer take HRT (which I miss so much). Thanks ladies. x

Hello Cesrabbit,

I wondered how long you been taking anastrozole? I took it for 7 weeks in August and September this year. On my last day of 15 rads my oncolgist asked me if I had had any side effects from the anastrozole and when I told her that my hair had gone very dry and was thinning and falling out more than it had ever done before she said that it was caused by the anastrozole and told me to stop taking it for a month to see if it stopped.  I am at the end of the month not taking it now and I dont know what to do as my hair is still coming out.  My daughter thinks that it might be stress related and not the anastrozole.  I can’t decide whether to go back on it or not.  My onc said that I could swap to tamoxifen but I really dont fancy that and I am scared of jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

I didn’t do chemo and my hair seems to be thinning all over and it is dull and lifeless whereas before my treatments it was full of bounce and looked really healthy.

I am going to have to make a decision about anastrozole this week as It is now over a month since I stopped taking it. I think that I will have to have a chat mith my breastcare nurse.

Eileen. x

I’ve been taking Anastrozole since January 2014 and definitely notice that my hair is growing more slowly and seems to be falling out more, resulting in my hair thining and being lifeless.  I’m also on Accord brand, after trying various brands and finding this seemed best when it came to the joint pain side effects.  I know, because of the pathology results, that taking the anastrozole is a huge help in preventing the cancer returning and I’m also conscious that after another few years my hair might be looking ropey but currently I’m more concerned to prevent re-occurence than about my hair thining.  After having my hair cut on a 6 weekly basis for years I now only need it cutting every 8-9 weks so I’m saving a fortune at the hairdressers - there’s an upside to everything!!



I’ve been on anastrozole for nearly 8 years now.  The hair thinning only kicked in for me at year 6, I now have a higher forehead than I ever used to, but as I had really thick hair to start with I’ve not had any obvious thinning elsewhere.  My temples are defined now…


Not a great thing to hear but the thinning is due to the lack of oestrogen…makes your body think you are older than you are.  I’m hoping that when I get to 10 years and off the drugs it’ll get a bit more plush. 


On the plus side I only have to shave my armpits once a month…always a silver lining :).



Well I’m reporting two months after my last post and am glad to say hair loss has slowed down or stopped now. (4 months after starting drug)I now have a hunch that the shock of diagnosis may have contributed to the loss as it happened 5 months after diagnosis which is a stress trigger (I know this as my sister in law’school hair fell out 5 months after her dad’s sudden death and Dr’s gave the shock as cause). Also HRT does wonders for your hair, so coming off that hasn’t helped. I’ll report back in a few months to let you know how I’m getting on. x

Had the Lumpectomy in Sept.2016.  Qualified for, and did the Accelerated Radiation doeses for the 5 day stretch (instead of 16 quick doses for 3 1/2 weeks) SO now in a 5 year Clinical trial for that.  NO chemo…  Taking Anastrozole since November 2016.  Yeah, NOW Noticing MORE hair loss (all over (shedding worse than the cat/dogs), also noticing facial puffiness JUST had a checkup with the Clinical Trial docs yesterday).  Have lost a couple pant sizes (Canadian 16 , down to 12s) BUT more chubbiness around the waistline, and more abdominal fat.  Hot flashes increased like crazy over the summer, and are lessening now that the weather is cooling off (*side note—crazy as it seems, wearing a Chrysophrase donut necklace SEEMED to lessen the severity of the hot flashes, and the duration, AND the number of hot flashes per day, LOL… Joint/muscle/bone pains are increasing…  Some days I think I walk like “Frankenstein”… Going to look into ways to naturally “alleviate” the hair loss (hopefully there’s something I can do, otherwise I’m hunting down my old (right proper) Bowler hat to wear!!!


Hi Boymook, welcome to the forum .Hair thinning seems pretty common Im afraid ,my hair thinned significantly on Tamoxifen -hairline receded and thinned at the sides noticeably .Some ladies have tried biotin supplements to help ,others have been prescribed Regaine for women by doctor ,did you discuss the hair loss at your review? Jill.

I have been on anastrozole ( arimidex) for a year. The last few months my hair is falling out. My question is, does this contiue the whole 5 years I will be on it and second is this hair loss permanent. I just started Biotin with the hope it will help.

Hello! I have been on Anastrozole for 6 weeks. I had thin hair before especially for past 5 years. Postmenopausal, off HRT now, thyroid issues, 65 yrs old. In past two weeks, I have noticed a dramatic thinning. Mine seems to be all over but is noticeable to me to be temples and bangs are thinning. I do have a lot of stress in my life which I’m sure contributes. I developed a very mean personality in the beginning that my husband told me, later after I asked how bad it was , he was ready to throw the bottle out of the window and hoped I would never touch them again. Anyway. No one told me how prevalent this is with Anastrozole. Then I find out it may never grow back!! Now even more stress. Thinking about Going off of it and put my faith in God that he will give me mercies that cancer won’t come back. Have done that but without the hair issue.