Anastrozole and Migraine

I’ve been taking Anastrozole for a year now which has worsened my existing migraines.  I take a preventative but it no longer works, does anyone also suffer and if they’ve found something to reduce frequency please let me know?

Hi Cara247,

Thanks for posting. Whilst you wait for other users to reply to your thread, you could speak to our specialist nurses on 0808 800 6000.

Alternatively, you can post your question about anastrozole and migraines to the Ask Our Nurses board, where the nurses can reply to your post with clinical advice.

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I have had horrible migraines for years, and the one drug I have found which helps 9 times out of 10 is Migard.  If I take it early and just stay keip or lie down for an hour it usually knocks the migraine on the head.

I am on letrozole not anastrozole, and I expected them to get worse but they haven’t - have no idea whether that’s to do with the different drug or just luck?  Might be worth checking out with the nurse though?