Anastrozole and weight gain

I have recently changed from Tamoxifen to Anastrozole, iv been taking Anastrozole for 7 weeks now and the weight gain as been instantly
All over Eg 3 inches on my waist
Will I carry on gaining weight or will it settle down
What can I do to help myself please
Can anyone help x

Hi CT you would be better posting this in the going through treatment section in the hormone therapy section .Hopefully someone will be able to help .You could also ask in the “ask the nurses section”,


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Hi CT. I have also changed to Anastrozole from tamoxifen. I only started taking them on Friday but will let you know how it goes. I will be disappointed if I do as I managed to lose two and half stone while on tamofixen and dont want to put it all back on!! Do you like walking? Thats what helped me to lose weight before. Keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on…xx

I love walking in the lake district, always out with the dog , just started moky fit now to see if that will help me x

CT, I initially had a dramatic weight increase, it settled after a few months but still continued on a more subtle level. It’s a constant battle to keep the weight off for me but then I’ve always been a bit like that naturally anyway! All the weight is around my middle which has never been where I’ve carried weight before so takes some getting used to! x