Anastrozole or Arimedex



I am from the US, and I know this is a UK website, but I wanted to share something that I discovered the hard way, trial and error. 


I was dx’d with breast cancer in July 2015.  The tumor was removed, and surgery was followed by chemotherapy and radiation. After radiation, the doctor put me on Anastrazole or Arimedex. 


Prior to my dx, I was very active, weight-lifting, running, walking, but the medication caused my knees to hurt. The more I exercised, the worse it was. 


I tried different things and talked to numerous people, and nothing worked. At Christmas, I noticed that my knees were worse and the increase in pain matched up perfectly with an increase of sugar in my diet at some Christmas parties. 


In the States, it is easy to buy different sugar substitutes, and I tried Raw Agave Nectar (Organic). Since I have been using that, I have no knee pain. In fact, my knees are better than before the breast cancer dx. 


I wanted to share this information with any of you who may have been prescribed the same meds. It has really changed my life for the better. 


Good luck, and may God Bless You All.