Anastrozole Side affects

I’ve been on anastrozole for almost a year.

im wondering if the joint ache / pain slowly worsens the longer I’m on anastrozole?

im noticing more aches in the evening and going up stairs, not dependant on what I’ve done during the day, whether it be walking, digging in garden or painting etc.

also it takes me longer to get going in the morning……

im 66 but feel 86!!! 

Hi Jan

I was on anastrozole for 2 years and had joint problems which improved according to the brand I was given. If I got Accord, the pain/discomfort was way better than any other brand so, if you haven’t tried testing various brands, it IS worth it. Your pharmacist may say it’s nonsense, they’re all the same and it defies science, but there’s strong anecdotal evidence to support the theory so persist, get your oncologist on board.

I no longer need to take anastrozole but I have to be honest and say life without it is noticeably more comfortable.

From one 70 yo going on 90 to a mere baby :slightly_smiling_face:

Another Jan