Anastrozole side-effects

Hello - Having got into my first month of taking Anastrozole I noted that there was a strange bloating - lower down on the right had side of my tummy.  The doctor arranged an ultrasound examimation which showed nothing sinister in this area of my tummy. 

I am wondering if any ladies have experienced anything similar after starting this medication, and maybe it is a side effect, although I cannot see any thing about this reported in the medication leaflet.   I also have noted in some very earlier posts (2013) some had been reported on here.:smileyfrustrated:

Hi sorry you haven’t had a reply to your post .Good that your doctor was thorough and arranged an ultrasound .Hopefully it is just your body adjusting to the medication a lot of side effects do seem to settle down after the first few months.You are very sensible to report it and get it checked out - if things don’t settle keep flagging it up with your breast care team.