Anastrozole side effects

Hi I am new to this group. I had a 4mm tumour removed from my left breast end of November and 3 weeks of radiotherapy in January.  I have now started taking anastrozole 3 weeks ago. J am having no side effects at the moment and just wondered how soon side effects usually occur. It was up to me to take them as they said it is just a minimal requirement as it was so low grade tumour. I just feel if I dont try and the cancer did come back I would regret not trying them.


Hi Grannymazza


I barely noticed a difference when I started anastrozole last April, interesting when I had every side effect going during chemo! With one brand, I did notice a mild hot flush about an hour after taking the tablet. I also started a slow weight gain, something I really needed.


After about 15 weeks, I started to develop muscle and joint pain which recently has been severe and I’ve been exploring options, stopping the anastrozole till the pain eases and then changing brand back to the original (Accord). However, I don’t feel any better without the anastrozole tho the weight gain has stopped. Conclusion: I have been blaming it when in fact it may have been something else (zometa infusion) that’s the culprit. Back to square one and my apologies to anastrozole.


(Assuming I’m right about anastrozole/zometa) I hope your experience with HT is as easy as mine has proved. Best of luck x