Anastrozole Sore Lips

Hi Ladies …. Posting this in the hope it helps someone suffering the same Anastrozole side effect as me.
I have been on Anastrozole for 16 months (since Dec 2020) following surgery, chemo and radiotherapy for a 3cm breast tumour.
 I developed really sore, severely dry lips in March 2021, 3 months after starting the tablets. My Drs surgery agreed it was the medication / lack of oestrogen ‘drying me up’ and suggested Cymex lip cream as they said I needed the Urea it contained to sort the problem.  It didnt work - the problem got worse to the extent that the burning sensation and irritation were waking me up at night and I could no longer bear to eat spicy food as the stinging burning pain afterwards was unbearable, and my lips were so red I looked as if I had badly applied lipstick on! 
I have tried Vaseline, Dr Paw Paw, various lip balms, Sudocrem and nappy rash cream all with very limited success over the last 12 months and I have now found a cure! .  Clinique 72hr moisture surge!
I slathered it on my lips several times a day for 4 days and my problem is solved. I now apply it morning and night to maintain the miracle but I cannot recommend it highly enough. I wish I had known about it when I had my radiotherapy.  Its not the cheapest but I have spent a fortune trying to find a remedy up til now …. and I think us BC ladies deserve a little luxury . Hope this helps anyone suffering the same

Glad you have found some relief . Maybe post this in the hormone therapy section too ?