Anastrozole. Worse than tamoxifen?

After mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy I took tamoxifen for nearly 4 years. Recently had a months “rest” and now have taken Anastrozole for 3 weeks. Sweats worse, day and night. Emotions all over the place. Had weaned myself off the Citalopram while on month off but considering starting those up again. Got another 6 years of endocrine therapy!! Wondering about percentages if I stop completely in favour of quality of life?

Hi Suddy. I’m 38 and am taking anastrazole (and zoladex injections to switch ovaries off). I also take the anti depressant venaflaxine which is given out to many breast cancer patients I believe as it has a benefit of stopping sweats … I can honestly say it’s worked for me. May be worth investigating? I know everyone is different but really hope you get the right advice to encourage you to keep going with this xx