I have been to see my Oncologist today and she has said that I only need to take Tamoxifen until the end of the year then she will change me to Arimidex. As I had terrible side affects with the tamoxifen, severe depression and anxiety I was wondering if any other ladies had the same problems on Arimidex ?

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hello Tracyld, Tamoxofen didn’t work for me and so I went on to Arimidex which worked wonderfully for me for a long time. Then my Oncologist changed it to another as she likes to change the hormone tablets after a while. I have been on these type of tablets for about 13 years. However I did not suffer from depression with any of them so cannot help you on that score. I hope someone who can help will see your post today and respond to your question. I did not see your post until today so presume that other did not either so I think that is why you have not had any feedback. Val

Thanks Val, I have been away for a few days so apologies for not replying. I have been put onto the anti depressant sertraline now as I sufffered very bad post natal depression when my daughter was born 20 years ago. This has started to make me feel a bit calmer and not in such a big black hole, so I will cross the bridge of taking Arimidex next year. I am trying very hard to just take one day at a time. Thanks very much

I have been on Arimidex (well, the generic version) for nearly 4 years and have not experienced anxiety or depression, I’m pleased to say.

Hi Tracyld,

I don’t get on this site very much which is why I’ve not seen your post until now. I’ve been on Anastrazole for 1 year and have had no problems with it except for the hot flushes which I expected after being on HRT for 11 years. My hot flushes are now less frequent and in time should disappear all together.

I was started on Anastrazole as soon as I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a Grade 3 and approx 21mm in diameter. By the time I had surgery for a left mastectomy and lymph node clearance, 5 months later, that particular lump had shrunk down to approx 12mm in diameter and now was a Grade 2.

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Thanks for your support. I am feeling much better at the moment as I have been to see the Cancer Psychologist so I am much clearer about things now.
I suffered with post natal depression when my daughter was born , so the doctors and oncologist think that because the tamoxifen blocks oestrogen form my body , that interacts with serotonin in my brain and makes me feel dreadful.
I just hope and pray that the Arimidex will not do the same. It sounds a very powerful drug if it was able to shrink your tumour by so much.
Take care of yourself.
With Love Tracy

I took letrozole ( an AI like anastrozole) for 8 months before surgery and my cancers shrank amazingly, meaning I could have double WLE not MX - result!!! But then the letrozole gave me brain fuddle and mega-hot flushes, so clinic changed me to anastrozole, which has been wonderful! I get the occasional ‘warm glow’, don’t need to use my Chillow, sleep better, and have brain that works properly again. It seems that we all react differently to these drugs, so it is a ‘suck it and see’ scenario. I guess we just have to try any new drug for a while, then make a fuss to get it changed if it doesn’t suit us.

I took Arimidex for a year and have just been switched to Anastrozole. I have also had post-natal depression in the past, and other episodes of depression. I have had very little problem with either, but I was well past menopause by the time I started, so that may make a difference. Possibly I have flushes a little more often than before. Post-operative pain and resulting sleep disturbance were getting me down, but the recommended treatment for those is a low-dose anti-depressant, and sleeping better has made a big difference to my mood.
People react differently, of course, so if you have problems be sure to go back as there is more than one AI out there.
Good luck!

First post ever, so please forgive newness. Nearing a year on Anastrozole/Arimidex. Question, though–has anyone else been diagnosed “pure mucinous” bc? Anyone had radiofrequency ablation? Wondered how guinea pig I should feel, having not read anywhere of similar experiences. Thanks so much.

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Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums where I am sure you will soon get some replies from the many informed users of this site. If by chance you don’t get the replies you are hoping for then please do give our helpline here a ring, they’re here to support you through this. Calls are free, 0808 800 6000 lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2

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Hi I’m new to posting on this site but used it a lot when I was newly diagnosed and going through my treatment.
Yesterday had letter from my GP saying that they will be changing my tablets, currently on Arimidex and he wants to change to Anastrozole, Why I’m happy on Arimidex what should I do?

Anastrozole is the generic form of Arimidex which came off licence last year. It is considerably cheaper, which is why your GP is changing it. A lot of ladies get on fine with it. J xx

Cymro90 - anastrazole is the generic version of Arimidex. It has the same active ingredient but the bulking ingredients can vary a little bit depending on the brand. Astra Zeneca developed and held the licence for Arimidex so they were the only ones who could produce it until the licence ran out. This happened a while ago and GPs started being able to prescribe generic versions made by other companies. There is a huge cost difference so this is probably why you are being changed. My GPs changed my prescription as soon as it altered!! It’s something like 90 pounds a month for arimidex and under a tenner for anastrazole. I was happy to have the generic version but the side effects were horrendous, GPs didn’t believe it was down to the change but saw my onc and she said it would be that as it was a known issue for some patients and she wrote to GPs telling them I have to have the ‘original’ arimidex from AZ. As soon as I went back to the originals, I was ok again. You may well be ok on the generic ones - my mum was, along with thousands of others.


I haven’t noticed any difference at all since being switched to anastrozole, so let’s hope you are one of us lucky ones.

I’ve been taking anastrozole for nearly two months and I’ve had quite a few side effects but nothing psychological at all, mine have all been physical.
I wasn’t able to have the final docetaxel and don’t feel I really recovered from the side effects of lethargy and muscle and joint pain before I started on the anastrozole. Either that, or the anastrozole has the same side effects. My limbs feel like lead and I’ve had a lot of pain in one of my shoulders which isn’t cancer related, it’s an old rsi injury from long hours at the computer.
Physio usually puts my shoulder right but this time it hasn’t. I have to roll out of bed from a lying position unless my husband is there to help me sit up. My shoulder and elbow are very painful if I put any pressure on them to sit up. I can’t have a bath either, unless he can help me out of the bath as I can’t put any weight on either arm to get up. Neither can I carry any shopping and my legs are so stiff for the first half an hour that I get up that it’s risky for me to use the stairs.
I’ll be contacting the council occupational therapist soon to see if she has any suggestions about aids that would help. I don’t mind buying them if they are not provided by the NHS but I do want to try to get back to some sort of normality soon.

hey ladies, ive just been given anastrozole today, , i came off tamox in april after 10 month sdue to side effects. onc thought i was in menopause. . age 43 and yes i was. /am!!!
my confussion is he said take it for 8 weeks and come back, if the side effectds are bad we will put u onto tamox again. .
i have also been percribed by the menopause clinic vagifem 10, , had them ever other day for 2 weeks and now as and when. i was told if u had it for a year daily, that would only equal one days hrt. . so im on that, as sex was so painful, i felt like i was sitting on a knife. vaginal splits too. . not attractive.
onc said if i want to continue on them he will have to put me on tamox as to block any ER.


It all sounds so complicated and very uncomfortable and that is one side affect I have not suffered from ! hope you get sorted soon. I dont see my Onc till June next year now so I will bear in mind about the generic brand of Anastrozole, but I guess they will give me the cheapest drug. Never mind we are strong and will cope no matter what x Love to you all Tracy x

Hi girls, I can recommend  Yes, it really seems to be the best. Go on their website and you can compare to others. I was given Sylk but after trying Yes, much better. It’s also now available on nhs, but some docs still not aware. Hope you get there! Xxxx