Hi ladies


Mum would like to know if anyone on here is taking Anastrazole. Mum had to come off her last hormone tablet due to issues with ovaries and she has been put on anastozole and seems to be struggling.


Anyone else on this?? If so do you have side effects or any issues with it??





Hope your all doing well xx

Dear Fergal_jay

Sorry to read that mum is struggling with taking Anastrozole.  Hopefully someone will see this message and respond soon, in the meantime, please do give our Support line a call, 0808 800 6000.

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Hi Fergal_jay,


How is your mum struggling with the Anastrozole?


I was on it for a while and was taken off it when I started chemo again - but have recently been put back on it again. I’m not sure what sort of problems you might mean though?


Penny x

Hiya, she has awful hot flushes and her legs are always exhausted

Hi Becky. Just saw this thread. I had terrible side effects on Anastrazole - crippling joint pain and bladder pain. I had to stop taking it. It might be worth letting the oncologist know so they can consider switching your mum to a different medication. Otherwise, supplements might help - though my onc is dead against them.

Hi, I was put on Anastrozole in Sept 2013, then this past May my Breast Consultant stopped it due to horrendous joint pain, hot flushes, and heart irregularities. I saw him last week, he’s happy for me to not take it until I’m ready (although I’m worried about not having any !). And also he’s referring me back to Cardiology as he’s thinking the Chemo is the reason for my heart damage so he says. He’s not suggested an alternative to Anastrozole. X

Hi Becky
My mum is on this. She struggled with aches and pains for a few weeks and then they settled. However her cancer has returned/grown up again as maybe not removed properly so not sure how much benefit they had, although she was only moderate er+. They did say for her to call if she wasn’t getting on with them and they would try a different brand, but for her to give it a while.

Side effects? Look them up, I have them all, but NOT depression. I am 71 and I don’t work, so just enjoy a good cry and exhaustion with the real excuse of the little tiny pill. Took it for 2 years, off for a year, just said “I don’t care”. Back on, the bone and muscle ache is the worst, but I can do it. Walking 10,000 steps per day, getting to a better weight, I am now convinced is the most helpful. My daughter wants me on the pill because we she wants me around and that may give me an edge, so I’m pleased to comply.