Anatrazole concerns - ME / Fibromyalgia sufferer - Worried ! SE

I know my oncologist wants me to start on Anatrazole when I see him in 4 weeks as Rads nearly finished.

I have serious worries as I have had ME for 29years and during this time have had to deal with varying levels of fatigue / headaches / stiff muscles and joints and mood disturbance and vertigo- 

i have looked at people’s posts and so many of the very ME symptoms I have tried to overcome are the very same SE from the drugs 

i don’t want to take a drug that may bring back all those symptoms I tried so hard to avoid  prior to diagnosis I had been managing to work part time be able at best to do gentle exercises and have some quality of life with my limitations it has taken a lot of effort and pacing to get to this point .

I am very sensitive to any medications and SE - I am the only person I know who go viral encephalitis after the flu jab ! Ended up in hospital then got the flu at Xmas anyway.

so I am really wondering if is going to be right for me and if the benefits are less than the risks ??? 


Hi BizzyLizzy,

Sorry that you havent had a response yet.  Whilst you are waiting, perhaps you would like to talk this through with one of our experts on the freeHelpline, 0808 800 600? It’s open:

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I’ve been on anastrazole for 9 weeks now and my worst side effect by far has been severe vaginal dryness which I’ve been treating with Replens at least every other day for about 5 weeks which has helped a lot. Best used after washing in the morning. I have got some aches in my thighs and hips but I’m also on Herceptin which can also affect joints etc. They have been manageable though. Hope you can tolerate it ok x My colleague at work has ME & Fibromyalgia so I know something of your suffering x

Hello Bizzylizzy ,I also have ME and I am really sensative to medications - I really understand your fears as you really don’t want to make your ME symptoms any worse and yes some of the side effects of Anastrozole are similar .I was on Tamoxifen for 2 years (Teva brand) and I didn’t see any impact on my ME from the meds.If you are unhappy with the impact of Ais you could ask to try Tamoxifen it does seem people generally find it kinder on joints and bones .The biggest impact I feel on my symptoms has been the emotional upset and stress of diagnosis .