Anbody starting chemo in September?

It’s called granocyte. Maybe the same thing but a different name? Having a slightly weird heavy and tight feeling in my legs and arms. Hopefully nothing too untoward.

Glad to hear you are doing okay InShock.

You’re right-pretty much the same med to boost white blood cell production. I think bone/muscle pain is par for the course-hope it all goes fine.
inshock I too haven’t been able to be there for my sons first day/week back at school (hes 6)-its hard and I really feel for you.

I really admire those of you having to manage being a mum on top of everything else. That must be so hard. My chemo nurse was lovely which was a real relief as I’ve had several horrible experiences at the hospital. Gave me a lot of confidence the way he talked to me and was very professional. He suggested I get a portacath put in because my viens are tricky. First attempt on my arm and the valve in the vein closed up so he had to take it out and put it in my hand instead. Because I’m going to be having around 18 months of intravenous cycles he said it would be a good idea. I’m not too keen on the idea of another scar on my chest but they can put it in the arm or groin instead. I really don’t like needles so could make it a bit less stessful for me. Although I think I’ve had so many poked in me I’m beginning to get used to it.

I know what you mean I feel like a pin cushion at the moment! I need a PICC as I apparently have thin ‘lady’ veins that will not cope with the chemo. The chemo nurses are great though-they know every trick to get the veins popping out.
I sat with a lady with a portacath yesterday who said it really makes the process easier especially if the treatment is over quite a long time so it might be a good plan

Oh and I discovered my hospital doesn’t actually offer the cold cap - so it’s a good job I didn’t want it!

Well I had a horrible night. Felt really giddy to the extent everytime I moved I was nauseous. Was sick LOADS. Ended up calling the hospital because I couldn’t keep anything down and sicked up my tablets. Finally managed to keep one down by not actually drinking more than a couple of sips of water. Was worried about being dehydrated but the doctor said at this stage it was more important to keep the pills down than take on lots of fluids. The tablet seems to have done its job now which is a relief.

Much better now though my face is a bit puffy - maybe a reaction to the steroids? The first day has been worse than expected for me but fingers crossed I’m bouncing back now.

Oh Keyfeatures, I’m sorry you’re feeling so bad but glad it’s improving.
I wish I’d known about the headaches Inshock - had a terrible headache on weds night, and had to ring the ward to see if I could take something.
I’ve felt nauseous worse today Day 2 but was given some extra tablets in case. Had a sore throat this morning and had to ring again but they told me not to worry unless it gets worse as I had no temperature.
Brain’s not working very well, very woolly!
Felt better in the afternoons. Managed to sleep four hours solid the last two nights but then I’m just dozing and don’t know what to do with myself. My back and hips are also sore. Not sure if it’s me getting in a funny position. That feeling lasts until lunch. Not really looking forward to another night of it but I shouldn’t complain. Just feeling a little low and sorry for myself.
I’ve got my mum helping me and lots of friends. My 2 teenagers have been brilliant. I feel very blessed by all the support and it is helping me get through.
My poor daughter toldsome of her friend’s when she got went to school yesterday. It upset her to say it out load I think. I have to say I feel like that too sometimes - that C word!
Sorry I’m rambling again but it seems to help seeing my thoughts in print and knowing that you all know what I mean.
So girls a big cross through the first chemo!!!

Yes well done JEW. I hope your headaches are better now. I’ve been feeling a lot better today. Had a lovely walk around the park opposite our home in the sunshine. Been eating small portions of light vegetable soups from the freezer my husband prepared beforehand and nibbling on crystallised ginger. Hoping to up the calorie intake tomorrow as I really don’t need to lose any more weight. Not been sick at all today and we got through the first home injection. Poor husband, I really did make a lot of noise while he was doing it even though it didn’t actually hurt!

Hello thought its about time I joined this post, I was diagnosed at end of June & had WLE & SNB in July, although clear margins & nodes I’m having chemo as tumour was agressive so had 1st of 6 x FEC on Tuesday just gone. The worst part was the first 5 mins of the cold cap - it was unbearable at one point but once you got troug tat it was OK & the waiting on Tuesday night to feel rubbish. Luckily for me I’ve not been sick and have manged to keep the bouts of nausea under control with the anti-sickness tablets, no loss of appetite and have managed to get out each afternoon to walk or visit family etc so off back to work tomorrow. ave felt tired though and dreading what may happen this week with my hair, but ave ordered a wig and ave ats etc on standby.
I hope tohse of you that aren’t feeling so great slowly begin to feel better & keep thinking that each day should be a little bit better then the one before, then before you know it a week will have passed. This is what keeps me going and the sun is shining so all is not bad x

all of you are keeping me going on this sept thread, to ‘stephie’ i get my onc appointment tomorrow and will know for sure if chemo is a part of it, thanks inshock for how you got on first time, its all so helpful.
love and support to all of you

How is everyone? I’ve been waking up with hiccups in the small hours, still stomach turning, indigestion, heartburn. Not terrible but not great either. I also feel a bit down and like I don’t know what to do with myself. Need a distraction but don’t know what.

I can sympathise keyfeatures-my main side effects have been horrible acid reflux/indigestion and a total inability to eat anything but brown toast and tomatoes due to nausea! Everything smells of onions too-weird. Its the general grotty feeling thats frustrating and also the feeling that you don’t know what to do to feel better.
I’ve spent most of the last 3 days in bed but have to venture out today for yet another scan. Not looking forward to facing the outside world to be honest.
Anyway onwards and upwards! x

I’ve tried a bit of bicarb of soda in water and that seems to have helped with the acid a bit. Also going to try to force myself to lie down a bit less I think that might not be helping. Hard when you feel wiped out though! Good luck with your scan today sukiem.

I had my first FEC chemo dose on 31st August, so I’m not really a September starter :slight_smile: I’m just a few days ahead of some of you.
Have you been given anything to help with the acid? It might be worth asking for something as there certainly are things to help.
I was given OMEPRAZOLE to prevent reflux, and told to take one tablet a day. So far… only mild nausea feelings - so no need to use the Domperidone tabs I was given, and the one-a-day Omeprazole have saved me from any acid reflux. I have been able to eat food reasonably well - though it did taste odd for a while.
It is miserable to try and cope with the side effects if there is something that could help. I hope you both feel a bit better soon.

Thanks June22. Will ask about that one. Haven’t really bothered the hospital about my S/Es but maybe I should if there is something I could get to help.

Thanks June n keyfeatures-my heartburn seems to have gone today and I’ve been told its possibly steroid related. I agree its worth mentioning any s/e’s to the hospital-my oncologist told me that the only problem that they can’t really help with is fatigue. Take care x

Hi- Well i had my first FEC last Thurs( 6th). I had the cold cap and it wasn’t a bad as I thought it would be. Like everyone else said-the first 10 mins are the worse! Today is the first day i have felt well enough to come on here-i’ve felt extrememly sick, light headed, emotional, exhausted and wobbly legged for the last 3 days!. Did anyone else have a bright red head and neck the day after the chemo? ( I looked like i had been sat in the sun for days!)
The good news is today i feel okay . I’ve been out for a walk today and have eaten some normal food! I think we are all doing very well- especially those of us who have already had the surgery. I keep telling myself its only 6 weeks today since i had major surgery( bilateral mastectomy- no recon and 30 lymph nodes removed) and under normal circumstances i would still feel tired etc from the surgery let alone having to deal with the chemo!.

Good luck everyone- hope everyone starts to feel a bit better soon xx

I’m starting chemo on 19th Sept. Will be hearing on Monday when I will have the sentinel lymph node biopsy. I’ve decided not to have the cold cap. I know it sounds weird, but I kind of want to go bald so that I can tell the chemo is working. Does anyone know if you can knit while you are getting the chemo, or do you have to keep your hand and arm still?

Hi all
Seems like everyone is getting through this horrible chemo in different ways. I had mine on Wednesday and so far not too bad just slight queasiness and a bit of a headache. I have found sipping drinks and eating toast helps. I had the cold cap and found it ok. I wasn’t sure it was cold enough until they took it off and I was covered in ice chrystals - think i’m too thick skinned to feel the cold!I also have bad veins so will probably have a portocath put in as one lady at my hospital had it and said it was fine and as I will be haveing herceptin as well I may as well get it over and done with. I had the neulasta injection yesterday and am waiting for the effects of that to kick in now so will have to see what fun the weekend brings!! Wishing you all well and look forward to reading your posts and comparing notes

Hi day 6 to 10 were the worst days for me hope that helps