And so we wait....

Hi Ladies, so lovely to meet you all.

I’ve been reading posts for the last couple of days but thought writing one of my own might help?

I found a lump in my left breast several weeks ago. I gave it a couple of weeks in case it ‘disappeared’ but it didn’t. It took nearly 2 weeks to see a GP at my surgery and, when I did, she was really dismissive. She told me to come back in 4-6 weeks if it was still there. I told her it had already been there for about a month so she agreed to send me for a scan to ‘put my kind at rest’. I didn’t mean to offend her but I wanted someone who specialises in BC to tell me it was ok if that makes sense?

My appointment took 2 weeks and I attended the clinic last Wednesday. I saw the consultant who said it was probably a gland which they would confirm with a scan. I went into the scan perfectly happy that it would be a gland and nothing to worry about. You can imagine my shock when the US showed up a lump. Next thing I know I’d had a mammogram then back into US for a core biopsy. All within an hour! It was so fast my head was spinning.

The wonderful lady who did my biopsy said the team meet on a Tuesday to review results but, because it was already Wednesday and Monday is a bank holiday, mine would probably take 2 weeks. I didn’t ask any questions, not even how big it was or if it looked suspicious.

You can imagine my surprise when I arrived home from work on Friday to find a letter (dated the same day I had the biopsy) asking me to go back next Wednesday. Is it usual for the letter to give absolutely no clue what the meeting is for? I’m assuming it’s results but can’t be sure. As it was already 6pm when I opened the letter I couldn’t ring anyone to check and they are closed until Tuesday. Should I just wait and see what happens on Wednesday or is it ok to call on Tuesday and query the appointment?

I know I’m only 37 and the chances are it’s nothing, but it’s so hard not to worry. I’ve been suffering from bad stress at work for the last 6 months with up to 6 panic attacks a day. I’ve just got them under control and now this! I keep thinking I’m going to go into meltdown.

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this. Sorry to ramble but I worry about saying too much at home in case I worry everyone.

Hugs to you all, Cat x

Welcome to this place that no one wants to be… but it IS the place to come to just say what’s on your mind. I feel better when I’ve said stuff here that I didn’t want to say to my family. 

This is a horrible time - every time I thought something awful, I tried to wrench my thoughts back to thinking something mild. I can’t guess ( neither can you !) what you will find out,  but it does seem that the NHS tries to keep things moving for women like us. So it may be that you are benefitting from a well run, well organised clinic that has a quick turn round for appointments. 

You could try ringing the Breast Care Nurse, but generally they want to tell you any news face to face.

So, try to stay steady, and hope things go ok next week. Let us know how you get on, xx