And the treatment is....

… 6 times of FEC…mmmm…goodbye hair so I have been told BUT I ordered some really funky cotton soft Hats from the US and they arrived this orning so if it goes I am ready for it! After that it will be hormone treatment although not sure which on e… thank goodness you are here. Thank you x

Hi Babyboo,

at least you know whats what now eh? I’m on E-CMF so slightly longer than yours, then I’ll be on the hormones too. Glad you have some funky head gear all ready, I went a bit wild and ordered a load of scarves and stuff beforehand and was well pleased. It allowed me to experiment before I needed to actually wear them ‘for real’.

When do you start FEC?


Good luck Babyboo

I’m on number 3 of 6 FEC. Hair has gone but funky headgear is really cheering me up. Hope your spirits stay up too

Sharon x

hi babyboo,
I had FEC…but only managed 4 out of 6…had a very varied selection of bandannas/scarves…when does your treatment start?

karen x

Treatment starts 08:30 Monday the 9th of July… and I get my silicone booby on Thursday!