Androgen receptor positive in some Triple Neg patients


For all you other triple negative ladies, I thought you might be interested in the article below:

which states that some triple neg patients may have androgen receptors which might possibly respond to a new targeted therapy.

Thanks for the link doylej. Ther is at last quite a lot of research going on into triple negative tumours…search for new receptors etc. This is great news for the future but probably won’t translate into viable treatments for a fair while yet.

I think its really important to keep in mind that ‘triple negative’ breast cancer is not a single disease, there are likely to be several varieties. While for practical and campaigning purposes its useful to group all ‘triple negatives’ together…they are not all the same.


Thanks Jane. There is currently a trial taking place (details on Cancer Research - link attached below).

I guess it is worth a try for us triple negs if we have run out of options for conventional treatments.

Yes, as you say, at least there is some research going on in trying to find targeted therapies for us triple neg ladies (the forgotten tribe). Best wishes to you.

Hi Doyle

Thanks again for the link…I hadn’t heard of this particular trial.

I have run out of standard chemo options but have perosnally decided that for the time being at least I’m not going for a Phase1/Phase 2 trial…but I like to know what’s going on!

best wishes


Just looked again and I think people without oesstrogen receptors are excluded so don’t think it is a triple engative trial…confused?

Got it now…it will take people with androgen receptors.


Hi Jane,

Yes, I read it again and it is a little bit confusing - I think you can apply if you are ER positive or Androgen positive. I am triple neg, but have no idea if I am Androgen positive, but it is definitely something I will be asking my Onc on my next visit.

I have followed your blog religiously Jane since I was first dx with a primary - I really like your forthright attitude and honesty. Best, J

Hi Doylej
Interesting links - had not heard of androgen receptors before.I am seeing my oncologist this afternoon so will ask her if I am androgen positive or not.
Too young for the trial - it says minimum age 45. Not that I would be likely to go for it anyway as I still have standard options open to me.
I bumped into my oncologist 2 weeks ago, in the corridor of the hospital. She said she would like me to “come in for a chat” and that it might be time to put me onto capcitibine? (xeloda). I do not know why - my main spread is in the bones and some soft tissue in chest. I am hoping that she is not serious - I spent most of last summer in bed (literally) taking Cisplatin and Gemcitibine and very much do not want to do the same again this year.

The trial on the link is the abiraterone trial that I was on earlier this year. Unfortunately I had to come off because my tumour markers started to soar and my liver mets grew. I was on the lowest dose.

I think this trial is now in the second wave where they have recruited six more people at a higher dose. If there are no serious side effects from the higher dose they will recruit more.

The first six ladies on this trial have not fared well. I think all but one of us have had to come off because of progression. It could be a dosing issue - hopefully it will be more successful at a higher dose.


Thanks Deirdre…I thought the drug name was familiar.

I’d love a discussion on pros and cons of Phase 1/2 trials…ethical issues etc., informed consent?