anglesey gwynedd area

new to site hope im doing this ok . does anyone know of any support groups in my area ,or anyone on site who would like to meet for a chat sometime. x

Hi Maisie

So sorry you’ve had to join us, and I’m sorry you haven’t had any replies to your post. I’ve only just spotted it.

I don’t live on Anglesey but spend most of my summers there as we have had caravans there for 30-odd years. I’d be happy to meet up. I’ll PM you. Actually, I think there is a support group in Holyhead but I may be mistaken (I usually am).

Where are you up to with treatment, and which hospital do you attend?

I was dx in Oct 05, at which time it had already spread to my bones, so I have stage 4. Treatment started at The Christie in Manchester with chemo, then mastectomy, rads, more chemo, more rads. My condition’s been stable for two and a half years, so I’m not complaining about that, no sirree!! So long as I can drive myself up and down the M56 and A55 as and when I want to, that suits me fine.

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx

Dear Maisie

I am sorry that you haven’t had much response to your post. Have you looked at out ‘Events in your area’ part of the website. Please follow the link below for more information on what is available in your area. If you wish, you could contact your local regional office and they will be able to give you more detials.

Best wishes

Hi Maisie

Hope you’re doing okay.

I’m on Anglesey next week and would be happy to meet up. I’ll pm you with my mobile number and look forward to meeting you.

Maureen xx