Angry with GPS ignoring symptoms.

Hi ladies. I hope you don’t mind me posting here as fortunately I don’t have SBC. I finished treatment in Dec 15, Grade 3 invasive, 3 lumpectomies and rads but no chemo. I then was diagnosed with Paget’s Disease in the same breast, cancer of the nipple, and had a Mx. Fast forward to now and for the past month have had a persistent cough, with tight chest and pain. I duly spoke to my my GP and expressed my concern because of my previous history but was told I probably had a virus and take paracetamol. I told him I wanted a chest X Ray to be on the safe side and he flatly refused, making me feel like a hysterical woman! I was furious and so was my OH, who phoned the surgery and insisted I was seen. I had only managed to get a ‘triage’ telephone appt. still not able to see a doctor but a nurse practitioner. My best friend sadly died last year from BC mets to her liver and her symptoms were consistently ignored by her GP. I am so angry that GPS have so little awareness of SBC and being vigilant when people present with pain or other symptoms. I wonder how many other men and women have died needlessly because their vigilance has been regarded as some sort of hysteria. Sorry to rant but I am so frustrated. ?

Afternoon Fluffs

With your breast cancer been so recent are you not still under the hospital?

Have you not a breast cancer nurse you can ring? 

Hope you manage to get in touch with someone to put your mind at rest. 




Fluffs, unfortunately GPs are just that, general practitioners. You would be very lucky to have one conversant with current oncology. I would have thought you would still have a BC nurse as your treatment is so recent. At the very least I would phone the hospital and checking it out with them. X

Hey hey 

I understand your frustration with yoir gp i was going to my gp for two yesrs with back ache snd wss only cou9le. Momths before diagnosis i found lump but my physio put down to oulled. Muscle was only when i showed my sister my lump who is consultant fot. My book doctors appointment who then referred me ro breast cancer clinic however got admitted as emergency that day with suspected spinal compression snd two days later diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and was close to being paralysed xxx