Anit biotics and chemo

Hi ladies
I have a urinary tract infection and am on anti biotics which finish on Tuesday , I am due fec No 2 wednesday does anyone know if I will still be able to have it, so hopeing it wont be cancelled but not sure if they will do it as will have just finished antis

Hugs to all

Janice x

Hi Janice,

I’ve had chemo whilst still taking antibiotics - I think they are interested in your temp not being too high and your neuts too low.

Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids to flush the FEC through your system - if I remember correctly, it’s the ‘C’ that can irratate your waterworks.

Hope you are feeling better soon & no 2 goes well for you.


Hi Annie
Thanks for that, was worried they might cancel it and just want to count each one down … fingers x bloods are ok then as though its not enough with bc and chemo now blooming uti, but been very lucky minimal se’s on first so hope its same for 2nd

Take care

Janice xx

I know the countdown well - you’ll soon get there!

I can’t believe I finished chemo over 12 weeks ago!


Hi I am on antibiotics for tonsillitis. My chemo couldn’t go ahead yesterday but doctor said it was because my white cells were low and my liver function test was high. She said usually taking antibiotics alone will not stop the session going ahead unless as someone else mentioned you are feeling unwell or have a temperature. Good luck I hope it goes ahead as planned.