Ankle swelling

Hi gals

I finished chemo (tax) 2 weeks ago. I know it can cause fluid retention but haven’t had this till last nite. I noticed both my ankles were swollen and still are. Had anyone else had this? Of course I’m panicing that its not normal!! By the way, I’m not short of breath so dont think any fluid on my lungs.

Julia xx



I finished Tax 7 weeks ago and still have those fat ankles/legs/feet days, odd as i didn’t suffer with it during chemo - shrugs shoulders.
I had water tablets which helped get the swelling down enough so that I could put shoes on for a posh night out - but think it’s just one of the things.

Chemo - never stops giving does it?

Yeah. Chemo is sooo kind. Just when I was starting to feel a little bit human and ready to ditch the winter footwear, my feet turn into a 90 year old’s. I’ll have to buy some ‘special shoes’ from Womens Weekly!

Julia xx

I had terrible swelling of ankles for weeks after tax, good job it was still warm when I finished (Sept) as i couldnt get shoes on!
Still not properly back to normal but hoping it will eventually settle down!

love debs xx

I too have ankle swelling and also shortness of breath, maybe I should mention this to my Onc, the shortness of breath that is…

Love Teresa xxx

I’m seeing onc for final appointment this Friday. I’m defo gonna mention swelling. I think a diuretic is in order

Julia xx

Hi all
I had my last Tax on 3rd March (had 3 Fec and 3 tax) and my feet and ankles have really swollen too. I’m squeezing my feet into sandals but it doesn’t work too well in this rain. I’ve coincidentally developed lymphodoema in my affected arm (waiting for referral to clinic) so feel like a Michelin woman. My GP doesn’t want to give me diuretics and the onc says ‘wait and see’. Anyone got any tips? Thanks, Kat