Hello, I haven’t been on the Forum for some months, so I feel once again like a ‘newbie’. I’m hoping I can get some info from others on the Forum.

I have Osteopenia, initially does prescribed oral Risedronate but it caused problems and now I have been offered Intravenous Zoledronic Acid. Has anyone experienced having a Zoledronic by IV and did you experience any side effect?


Hi silver6 

I have just been prescribed this too . It apparently reduces to chance of reoccurrence! . My sister had it years ago . It made her bones ache the next day and feel a bit fluey. But was fine the day after . You have to have you teeth checked xxx

Have you asked about its effect on the jaw ? 

I have been prescribed six monthly zoledronic acid for three years. It takes ten minutes to administer and I had twinges in my teeth, flu like tiredness and my carpal tunnel syndrome felt worse. But only for a few days during which I went out and did the shopping so I can’t have been that bad. The idea of having something that can rot your teeth and inner eardrum was the worst thing as I am a pessimist and I am 67 and pre-date fluoride being added to water so my teeth aren’t that great now